Aldi/ Medion MD8383XL Computer Faults

  Ozbloke 02:52 14 Jul 2006

My Grandson aged 13 purchased a Medion MD8383XL Multimedia PC from our local Aldi store in March 2005, On first operation it was noticed how noisy the cooling fan was, so noisy that it was almost impossible to hear the Audio without it being turned up very load. it was concluded that this must be OK as otherwise the computer ran fine.A couple of months ago My grandson noted the temperature of the GPU was 127 deg C on his Everest check on the Nvidia Graphics card.
We decided to do a search on various websites and came across an unofficial website in UK for Aldi/Medion computers,Electronics etc.refer
click here We discovered this computer model had significant Fan noise and Cooling problems reported by numerous forum members.
To get to the point, Medion Australia has rejected our grandsons claim for an "out of warranty" free repair, his reasoning being the significant numbers of fault reports on this model in 2004(see the forum )medion must have known the model had significant problems but continued to sell it in 2005.

  oresome 08:58 14 Jul 2006

Rather than get bogged down in protracted disputes, you could probably change the fan for under a tenner.

  spuds 11:01 14 Jul 2006

Not sure how consumer laws work in Australia. But in the UK there could be an extension of 'upto' six years on certain goods for a warranty claim.But I doubt if a fan would come under this extension, unless it was a serious recall.

Have you consulted Aldi, perhaps they may offer more than Medion Australia. If that fails, then the suggestion that oresome made, would be the simplest route. You could even buy a better fan unit, capable of doing a much better cooling job!.

  Quiet Life 14:29 14 Jul 2006

Hi I think you have left it bit long before taking action. Last year I had a similar problem but with Lidl/ Targa. The machine was badly specified and had several design faults. Targa refused to accept these facts and refused to accept that there were faults and stated that there was nothing wrong with the specification.
I set out the facts to Lidl who refunded immediately. However this all within a year.
Basically I think the supermarkets are able to sell these models at a cheap price because they have been chaply produced and all corners have beeb cut. In many case components are based on standard parts but have been specified down to save money.There is little doubt that the advice to fit a new fan is the right one.
I would think that in Australia like here in Portugal the more cooling the better.
When Targa brought out their latest model thay had the nerve to e-mail me pointing out that they had taken all my suggestions onboard and corrected the matters that thay had previously refused to accept were wrong!!

  Young69 21:13 04 Nov 2006

medion service in the UK is the worst you can expect.. I am surprised its the same down under. Perhaps the guys who take our calls are so fustrated dealing with fustarted customers?

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