Aldi Medion MD8383 - the other problem The Fan

  Modo 12:40 07 Dec 2004

This from The Inquirer

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"First, a reader's feedback concerning the Medion MD8383 mini review that we had some days ago. The reader is Edwin Groenendijk, who owns a website dedicated to supermarket IT deals.

"I run a website with lots of information on the MD8383. The latest news is a major defect in virtually ALL of them. It is the CPU cooler which does not function correctly, due to poor contact between processor and cooler. As a result, the processor starts to overheat way too fast, say when playing a simple game or watching TV. The CPU will try to cool down by fully deploying the processor-fan, which then produces a whining noise of 54 dB. Some unfortunate buyers had to return a PC that simply would not produce any result other than a loud noise. Some claim to have fixed the problem by rotating the cooler 90°. There are a lot of complaints of extremely noisy aldi PC's these days, and I hope the UK costumers may benifit of the conclusions we already made in Holland and Belgium.""

  Belatucadrus 19:45 07 Dec 2004

This sounds very odd, when I changed the fan on my old Medion, I found that the fan block was mounted in a proprietary Medion mount. I had to replace the mounting before I could swap the fan. The block is rectangular, so 90° rotation isn't going to be possible.
The other problem I had was that the CPU was stuck to the base of the fan block by some thermal goo/adhesive and was very difficult to remove.
So while it's entirely possible that the new Medions have mounted the fans differently, I would strongly recommend owners to resist the temptation to remove the CPU cooler unless they are confident they know what they are doing.

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