(ALDI) Medion Computer

  BRYNIT 20:00 04 Apr 2003

Well did you or didn’t you buy this computer?.
What’s it like, any problems b4 i go out and buy one.

  lynnie 20:11 04 Apr 2003

Got one and I think its G8.

  Gaz 25 20:47 04 Apr 2003

Well Built


Feature Packed

Great Support



The are excellent.

The one you are talking about is a very good system, good size processor, big memory, massive HDD, Very good graphics and audio, and excellent support.

It has very many good features and all it misses on is a Floppy, but you can only get 1.44Mb on them anyway, and they are slow. Far better with a DVD burner and CD-burner that can hold far more data.

Buyone. Before they are gone.

  geewis 22:44 04 Apr 2003

Got the same model from Staples last november and payed 999 for it but I'me still chufed

  BRYNIT 23:01 04 Apr 2003

Thank you all and asthe time is 10.57pm I will say good night.

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