Aldi Congrats

  RickyBlade 08:21 13 Apr 2003

I would just like to tell everyone that i have just bought the Medion 5.1 Active Sound System. I am well happy with them, already the next door neighbour has started banging on the wall before the volume is even a quarter of the way up!!!!!
Anyway i just thought i would let you all know especially as the cost a mere £29.99!!

  spuds 13:17 13 Apr 2003

Some more computer goodies, on release at Aldi's on the 17th.Self powered hubs @ £9.99 for a start.

  Ian 16:57 13 Apr 2003

Have also just bought this surround sound set-up. Great sound. Even my son is impressed.

  Lú-tzé 16:58 13 Apr 2003

RickyBlade - a question: do they have an overall volume button, or are they various speakers controlled separately?

  Ian 17:03 13 Apr 2003

Aldi also have another great offer at the moment (if you are in time) a 128mb USB Memory Adaptor at £39.99. Plugs straight into your USB port, about the size of your thumb.It is advertised as a 64mb, but it is actually a 128mb. Comes with a disc for Windows 98/SE. Plug and Play for later versions.

  Ian 17:05 13 Apr 2003

Have separate volume controls. Woofer has controls on the back for itself, and three controls on the front - one each for front,center and rear.

  Ian 13:11 14 Apr 2003

Sorry! Lidl stores have the 128mb USB not Aldi.

  anniesboy68 14:28 14 Apr 2003

What's a memory adaptor then please

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