Aldi are selling XP Power Pack Programmes.

  spuds 00:27 24 Oct 2003

Just for anyones interest. Visited the local Aldi store, and one of this weeks special promotions, is a 3in1 Power Pack kit for Microsoft Windows XP at £4.99.The programmes will work on all XP Home and Pro programmes.

The Power Pack kit contains the following programmes: XP-Optimiser [fine tuning function]:Counter-Espionage [Protection against data forwarding to Microsoft]:Anti-Spam [Get rid of spam].

The product is made by Tandem Verlag GmbH click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:10 24 Oct 2003

'Counter-Espionage [Protection against data forwarding to Microsoft'.....I have just sprayed coffee all over my monitor and the cat, in spasms of mirth. I vote this the most OTT description ever..


  Jester2K II 08:09 24 Oct 2003

Please, please don't waste your money - just post it to me..... e-mail me for details....

  spuds 20:12 24 Oct 2003

GANDALF<I:-)> [Protection against data forwarding to Microsoft... Not my explaination.Just states it on the box.Possibly a complaint to Aldi on the products that they sell or to the RSPCA regarding the possible injury burns to your cat !!. Why be negative all the time?

Jester2K II.???.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:21 24 Oct 2003

I'm not being negative just tired of retailers trying to up people's paranoia by making totally ridiculous/gormless statements or descriptions. I am trying to highlight the sly ways that some retailers try to squeeze people's hard-earned fro their sticky mitts. Trying to save people money is rarely a negative move. I did realise that you were only quoting and the reply was obviously directed at the CD retailer. No wonder a number of people are afraid of surfing the Net and have heart spasms when Firewalls pump out useless alerts. I think you will find all the programmes or similar, on the CD, are available FOC as Jester seems to say.


  Jester2K II 10:29 25 Oct 2003

There ARE lots of programs that'll do the same FOC. Anyone who is interested in the Counter Espionage Program.... I have a large selection of Chocolate Fireguard's, Bicycle Clips for Elephants and a bucket of rusty nails and broken glass for sale - e-mail me NOW....

My point was i have a large VISA bill this month - don't waste your £5 on this - send it to me instead.... :-)

  DerekR 00:17 27 Oct 2003

Its the nature of the regulars on here to be negative Spuds - they are the "Glass Half Empty" rather than "Half Full" squad!

  Belatucadrus 01:31 27 Oct 2003

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