Aldi 250 Hard drive

  Sharpamatt 15:37 19 Jan 2005

This was advertised as a weston digital with 3 years manufacters waranty. I got one after argument with the store who were trying to pass of the 160s.

Now arguing with both western and Aldi abot the warenty, after trying to register it with WD.

To cut to the basic, Trying to register the waranty with WD comes back as 11 months waranty left, on refering this to WD they did respond.

Western digital say they sold a batch of OEM drives to Gericome.who sold them on to Aldi (These came without the advertised instructions ).
But they also state they offer no waranty on these drives

Nothing on the drives or packaging indicated they were OEM and the advertisment implyed they were direct from WD.

I am still waiting on ALDI getting back to me with any answer, along with Weston Digital still investigating. From Gericom you sit on there helpline at your expence waiting for an answer whilst earing them money. will update once more information is available

  Sharpamatt 15:42 19 Jan 2005

Having received a copy of the ALDI advert Weston Digital Have Now replyed

They are now advising to return to ALDI.for full refund. They state ALDI did not have their permision to use their name and the waranty Statement is incorrect

  Stuartli 16:36 19 Jan 2005

The Gericom drive was £10 cheaper and only 160GB (only!!) but the Western Digital drive came clearly marked in WD's normal form as a 2500.

I'm surprised at WD's response as the Aldi sales appear no different to buying a similar OEM product from any other retail or online source; WD, of course, honours its warranties in such cases.

By the way Gericom is a manufacturer (one of the largest, for instance, in Europe for laptops), so it may have ordered the drives for its systems and later decided to sell them off. But this is only supposition on my part.

  bfoc 16:52 19 Jan 2005

If Gericom bought them from WD to use in their machines they would have been covered under that warranty as they would have been sold and priced as one big batch rather than individual disks.

This may well make them different from other OEM drives, which are designed to be sold in quantities from 1 and might explain WD comments.

  Sharpamatt 16:56 19 Jan 2005

Weston actually lists the dates on their site when a product is registered,

For this item it lists registration date as 15th Jan 2005 and expiry date as Dec 2005 which is not the three years as stated

  Stuartli 17:11 19 Jan 2005

That's interesting...:-)

But it still begs the question why is it not prepared to honour the normal warranty?

I would think that the Sales of Goods Act or Trade Description Act would cover such sales in some form or other as the product would normally have a warranty of either one or three years (depending on whether it's a retail or OEM Western Digital drive).

Perhaps some legal eagle or the FE has some thoughts on the subject.

  Sharpamatt 17:39 19 Jan 2005

Thats just the reason I started the thread,to hopefully get such answers plus to inform people that the advert could be incorect before they buy

Westons site clearly list the authorised Outlets in the UK
click here
also on site are their conditions of sale
click here

ALDIs advert was quite clear and can only presume that this is clearly a somewhat grey area

The packaging had Gericoms details including helpline , but no warenty information ( or registration ) other that 3 years on the box, it did not even have instalatin instruction

  Stuartli 17:52 19 Jan 2005

As it's an OEM drive such niceties as an installation guide will be absent...:-)

The only comeback, it would appear, would be to obtain a refund from Aldi or to make sure that Gericom's UK base is prepared to honour the warranty and to put that in writing.

It's Western Digital by the way....

  bfoc 18:05 19 Jan 2005

Under the Sale of Goods Act, as amended, the contract you have is with Aldi and as such the matter will need to be raised with them. The possibilities I can see are:

1. That Aldi sorts matters out so that you have the warranty promised and which was the basis on which you made the purchase, clearly given the current confusion this will need to be in writing.

2. That Aldi are unable to honour their promise and so the original contract is effectively 'void'. In this case you would be entitled to a full refund.

Neither Gericom or Western Digital have any contractual relationship with you and so anything they do, or don't do, is covered by The Sale of Goods Act.

  bfoc 18:07 19 Jan 2005

Neither Gericom or Western Digital have any contractual relationship with you and so anything they do, or don't do, is not covered by The Sale of Goods Act.

  Masterspy 18:47 19 Jan 2005

If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it to Aldi for a full refund as set out on the notices at their stores (always providing it is not specifically excluded from the in-house warranty-usually applies to large ticket items ie computers)

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