Alaram clock wanted,

  wolfie3000 14:27 20 May 2007

My old alarm clock has died on me,
It hasent done to bad seen as its 7 years old.

Im after as cool looking alarm clock around the £10 mark,

I have found this one but are there any better ones out there?

click here

  pj123 15:11 20 May 2007

Is this for real? Or are you winding us up? Pun intended.

I have an ordinary alarm clock that I have only used once. It is so bright, it's like sleeping with the lights on. You can have it if you would like to try it.

  Totally-braindead 15:12 20 May 2007

click here don't know if they are better and most are over budget. But there are a couple there.

  wolfie3000 15:14 20 May 2007

Thanks for the replies,

Im basicly after something that wouldnt look out of place on a sci-fi film, :D

I can stretch to around £15.

  wee eddie 15:23 20 May 2007

That project the time onto the wall.

  wolfie3000 15:25 20 May 2007

Good in theory Wee eddie but the clock will be moved around, from bed side cabinet to my pc desk,
So i would have to refocus it on a wall all the time.

  Belatucadrus 16:23 20 May 2007

That all ? Mine's 25, got it from Woolco in Sheffield after I inadvertently smashed my wind up job and still going strong.

Useless factoid, this means the minute hand has rotated approximately 13,149,000 times.

  spuds 17:08 20 May 2007

Look in the Argos catalogue, they have a very good range with prices to suit.

My wake up service is the two dogs and next doors cockerel and chickens :O))

  [email protected] 17:40 20 May 2007

if you are like me this may be of use
click here

  STREETWORK 18:27 20 May 2007

Is it under warrentee?...

  Kate B 18:28 20 May 2007

You can use your mobile as an alarm clock!

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