AGP Graphics Card

  crimbo 10:56 04 Jul 2006

Hi, I'm about to update my graphics card and have about £100 to spend; it has to be an AGP card, any suggestions?

  keef66 11:43 04 Jul 2006

Depends on what you want it to do and if the rest of the system will get the best from the upgrade.

If your pc is 3-4 yrs old, and you're into games, at that price a 6600GT would be my recommendation

Try Ebuyer click here

search for 6600GT AGP. There's a couple of Gainward cards for just under £90.

Note: you'll need a reasonable power supply with a spare molex connector to plug directly into the card (or use a splitter cable)

  crimbo 12:18 04 Jul 2006

Thanks for that keef66; the system is eighteen months old with an Intel p4 processor. I have an ATI card with 128Mb ram, but it struggles with Battlefront

  keef66 12:57 04 Jul 2006

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If you prefer an ATI card the x800gto has a bit more muscle than a 6600gt in many games, but lacks the shader 3 support of the latter.

Alternatively you could also wait and see if anyone produces a 7600GT in AGP flavour. More time to save the extra dosh it will require.

Fewer and fewer AGP cards around nowadays; yours must have been one of the last agp systems built!

  keef66 13:24 04 Jul 2006
  keef66 14:49 04 Jul 2006
  Cybermaxx 19:14 04 Jul 2006

Overclockers have a souped-up vanilla 6800 in their clearance section (the usual 12 pipelines, but faster 1000MHz DDR3 VRAM). With delivery added it comes to £125, though. They had an AGP 6800GT on there last week for the same price.

Anyway, it's the very last one on here:-

click here

  freaky 20:44 04 Jul 2006

Highly recommend the GeForce 6600GT AGP with 256MB memory. Bought one 2 months ago from Novatech at £112 to replace an FX-5500.

The FX-5500 would cope OK at High Graphics with Battle for Middle Earth (1), but would only run at Low Graphics with BFME(2). The game now runs OK at the Highest Graphic resolution.

There are plenty of the 128MB 6600GT's about, but I recommend the 256MB if you can find one.

  freaky 20:48 04 Jul 2006

There is a vast difference in performance between the the 6600 and 6600GT, so beware!

  Cybermaxx 21:38 04 Jul 2006

Erm......., Freaky? Why are you teling me this? Unless..........

click here

Haha! Thought so! Well, Mr Freaky, I'm not arguing with you. You're happy with your 6600GT, and I'm happy with my 6800GT. We're all one big happy PCA family, eh?!

Btw, that 6800 "Extreme" I just linked to is a lot better than ANY 6600GT.........

  freaky 09:39 05 Jul 2006

Hi, the one on your link in your post dated Tue, [email protected]:14

Was a 6800 not a 6800GT - I would not dispute that the 6800GT is probably better.

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