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  Tribune 09:25 28 Jun 2006

Hello everyone.
I am looking to buy a PC made for gaming, my budget is £2000. I have looked at companies such as Vantage, cyberpower, Mesh and Pc specialist, and am looking to get people's opinions on these companies before i buy.
Secondly, i play all the latest games, mainly strategy, i.e.(Rome total war, CS, Cossacks, Rise of nations, etc and Fast internet gameplay), and am wondering, would it be better to get the FX-60 or X2 series.Also, i wish to buy on a Buy now pay later scheme.
Thirdly, i want to make make modifications to the PC in the future, some motherboards only seem to do SLI so i am looking for a good motherboard aswell, Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated on any of the above and in specs in general. Thank you

  rmcqua 11:19 28 Jun 2006

I would seriously consider one of these:
click here

  freaky 12:18 28 Jun 2006

Rather like the Novatech Diablo Dual 7900GTX shown on the above link.

The buy now pay later scheme is OK provided you pay the full balance off at the due date, if not then the interest rate is very high.

  DrScott 13:57 28 Jun 2006

is Vadim: click here

They make pretty specialist PCs which would be perfect for gaming.

  neil79 15:41 28 Jun 2006

I recently bought one of these from evesham, click here and it has been fantastic. At £1799 inc VAT, it also lets you tweak the spec to the exact machine you are looking for our budget allows.

  Tribune 09:39 30 Jun 2006

thanks for the advice guys
will a amd x2 5000(dual core etc) processor do for the games i've outlined instead of an fx-60 say?
i've not heard anyone mention alienware on the forums, so what do you think of them?

  DrScott 10:03 30 Jun 2006

I think the X2 5000 is an AM2 CPU, and as such the RAM and motherboard will also be expensive. The games you outlined are mainly CPU intensive, so you yes, you need a good CPU. However, most games are actually more dependent on the GPU of the graphics card - it makes little sense to invest around £700 in a CPU when you only spend £100 on the graphics card. The other way round is a more sensible ratio!

If I were you, and this is what I am doing, is wait a couple of months to see the new Conroe CPUs by intel, that in benchmarks already out perform the FX-60 for considerably less cash. Spending a lot of cash now will buy you a good machine, but I would seriously consider waiting for a little bit longer.

Alienware rigs are usually seen as good, if expensive, machines.

  Tribune 00:27 22 Jul 2006

thanks drscott. i am waiting for the conroe processors, thought i'm now stuck at which graphics card to get with the system.any suggestions?

  DrScott 13:35 22 Jul 2006

For strategy games, the CPU does more of the work, unlike action games, when you need to spend more on the GPU. One of the best graphics card is the NVIDIA 7900GTX, though for value for money a 7900GT (note the lack of X) would be my choice. A few companies do pre-overclocked 7900GTs (like ASUS) which are definitely worth a look.

The ATI X1900XTX is also worth considering, in the same category as the 7900GTX and possibly better.

For the time being, I wouldn't bother with two cards in SLI - not that many games support it to be worth the extra cost, though for the ones that you do, you get amazing visuals. Value for money though it's really not worth it...

Hope that is of some help!

  DieSse 16:05 22 Jul 2006

Three points, often overlooked

Get a good quality quiet PSU with plenty of capacity click here for some suggestions.

Get a good quality CPU heatsink, not the stock cooler. Thermalright make excellent heatsinks - click here.

Get low noise cooling fans, for the CPU and the case.

Just as a ppointer as to how good a top-notch heat sink can be - the fan failed on my Thermalright heatsink recently - and on it's own it kept the processor at no more than 16º above ambient. With a silent slow fan on it, it's at 10-11º above ambient It's 32.5º in my office at the moment (in Spain) - the CPU is at 43º.

  bremner 16:52 22 Jul 2006

The latest PCA review two Intel Core 2 Duo based machines and they seem awesome.

The Zoostorm Edge 5-7402 @ £1399 inc vat produced frame rates 25-30 fts ahead of the FX-62. click here

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