Aerial installation course/books

  iqs 18:21 26 Jul 2009


I am interested in doing a course on Aerial Installation.I have checked my local colleges,no courses available.I would also like some literature ,but so far my quest as failed.

Can you help please?.


also interested in Freesat and Satellite installation

  BRYNIT 19:52 26 Jul 2009

I don't think you will find a course on aerial installation as its just a case of fixing the aerial and pointing it in the right direction.

The only way I can think of is to work for a local aerial company or apply to sky for a job.

When I worked for Sky it was about 3 days training, 2 weeks with a with some one already installing sky, after that you were on your own. All they worried about was how many jobs you could install in a day. You will find with Sky you will have to comply with a lot of H&S requirements i.e. wearing a hard hat using a harness and rope to fasten yourself the ladders etc. I don't know about the H&S of aerial installers. But remember a lot of aerial installations require you to go on the roof so if you are afraid of heights don't bother.

  SB23 21:46 26 Jul 2009

If its for yourself, just have a go.
Its not hard, most DIY stores now sell everything you need, and its what I have done for the last 25+ years.

I installed my parents equipment and mine, and saved a fortune in the process. The only thing I had to do was change a signal booster about 10 years ago for my parents. When I moved I got Sky to replace a damaged LNB on the existing dish and I did the rest. (I have since sourced LNB's ).

With the possible upgrades needed with Digital Tv, a neighbour has just forked out £250.00, a job that (for me) will cost less than £100, trust me, its worth having a go at, but as already said be carefull if your working at heights.

  Stuartli 23:24 26 Jul 2009

>>its just a case of fixing the aerial and pointing it in the right direction. >>

There's a little bit more to it than that...:-)

  spuds 23:51 26 Jul 2009

You could try the Confederation of Aerial Industries click here who can arrange training courses and also are one of the main bodies for aerial installation contractors in the UK.

I have a range of aerials on our property, and these were originally set-up by a fireman moonlighting for an aerial contractor. Since that time, I have installed my own, including routing cables through floorboards etc. Even bought a Sat Finder from Aldi once, but never bothered to use it.

If you are going into the industry, then hope for a windy day, when all the loose aerials get disturbed, otherwise you might find it can be a long day waiting for the phone to ring, unless you do a deal with a TV shop and other main contractor's. From my own experience, the parts are not all that expensive. I can get a branded 48 element dig aerials complete and ready to install (including 10 mtrs of cable) for about £12/£14 from a local electrical components retailer. The same aerial could be double that price from DIY stores.

  iqs 19:16 27 Jul 2009

Hi and thank you for the advice and link.A lot to go through,here go's.

Once again many thanks

  Input Overload 09:51 28 Jul 2009

There is a fair bit you need to know about local transmitters, distant transmitters you may have to use with a masthead amplifier because of local metal objects, such as geometers, football stadiums, cell phone transceiver masts etc. How to use the correct aerial array to reject local transmitters that may give 'ghosts' etc.

My dad taught me how to do these things some years ago. I often thing rigging aerials has more to do with black magic rather than technology.

Interesting site with lots of pics - How not to do things:

click here

  TopCat® 23:04 28 Jul 2009

Here's a wealth of information with some e-books to download as well. Some free - others a small fee. TC. click here

  oresome 14:46 29 Jul 2009

Some of the pictures on Input Overload's link demonstrate that there's more to aerial rigging than simply pointing it in the right direction!

The distibuted systems in particular look quite complex.

On the other hand, there are also lot of cowboys about judging by some of the horror installations.

  Simsy 11:54 04 Aug 2009

the issue of the "electronics" side of the installation, but also the mechanics of installing something on the side of a building. In particular drilling/attaching to a chimney, (which is often the home for all types of aeriels/dishes), has special considerations...

If it's to be done properly!



  iqs 15:15 04 Aug 2009

thanks for the comments,cheers

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