advise on sat nav

  chass 16:10 30 Nov 2006

going grey haired thinking which is best buy, tomtom 510 with rds-tmc traffic receiver or garmin 360t+traffic gtm12.any comments would be appreciated.

  The Brigadier 16:23 30 Nov 2006

I bought my Mother a TomTon One last year and very good as a starter to SatNav. Simple to use and fine if your only driving in the UK.

  sunny staines 16:31 30 Nov 2006

go for tomtom

  terryf 16:44 30 Nov 2006

One of the FE's bought Tomtom and there was a thread about it, try a search in this forum for tomtom

  terryf 17:31 30 Nov 2006

click here and you can get a tomtom510 for £248.44 by using a code and clicking thru to currys

  Forum Editor 17:58 30 Nov 2006

There's only one of me, and yes, I bought a TomTom 510 for my wife a few weeks back. It's superb, she says 'better than I expected'.

Anything that can get her from home to an obscure address in a village 100 miles from home and back without a single hitch has got to be good, and that's exactly what happened a week after I bought it.

  terryf 19:17 30 Nov 2006

I used my link and in a few days I hope (expect) to get a 510 at the price I quoted above, the link works but you can only get home delivery not reserve and collect. Delivery is free but takes up to 7 days, undefined time.

  anchor 13:55 01 Dec 2006

Without doubt the TomTom 510 is an excellent piece of kit.

However, from reports I read on the yournav forum, the same cannot be said for their RDS TMC Traffic Receiver. Most users are dissatisfied with it.

  chass 21:10 23 Jan 2007

still looking at which sat nav to buy . any comments on the garmin nuvi 610t would be welcome?

  anchor 11:28 24 Jan 2007

I read this comment from a user:

The wide screen gives good visibility of the maps, and makes this a good choice for the motorist. Also, the unit is very reliable - no need for the resets that other brands seem to need. The Bluetooth connectivity is very useful too for hands-free phone calls.

It has fewer routing options than other brands - you can select fastest or shortest route, or off-road (for walkers), but no options for motorways verus A-roads etc.

If you are a good linguist you'll have no problem with the 610. However, a problem with the unit is that the British English voice prompts can just disappear completely - for good. You'll still have 19 other language options, but you will need to learn the German/French/Italian etc for 'at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit'.

- Mike Capewell, 30th Dec 2006 08:09PM

  Aargh 11:58 24 Jan 2007

Navman 530 - very good

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