Advise required (laptop decision time)

  TOM-234519 01:49 15 Apr 2004

Hello everyone, I am considering buying a QTi-3.4 from rockdirect, I realise it is big and heavy and 99.9% of its use will be with it plugged into the wall.
The advise I am seeking is this will be my first laptop and I want it to dtay competative for both work and play for as long as possible, hence being lured by the bigger is better spec`s, am I doing right, I realise I will be parting with a large amount of wedge, but this I can put off if longevity is what it gives me, meaning I only buy once.
Intrested in any and all comments, especially from people having dealt with rock.
Many thanks Tom.

  Gaz 25 03:37 15 Apr 2004

Seems ok mate.

  Forum Editor 07:10 15 Apr 2004

of this particular laptop, but Rock have a reputation for making good machines.

As to "........meaning I only buy once", well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. Computers evolve at a rapid rate, and it's one of the golden truths of the industry that if you think your shiny new machine will still be at the cutting edge in even a couple of year's time you'll be in for a rude awakening. That said, the computer will still function perfectly well, and provided you understand that laptops can't be upgraded in the same way, or so easily as desktop machines you should be happy with your purchase for a long time to come.

  Chronos 09:10 15 Apr 2004

I got my laptop from Rock and not once has it ever missed a beat..and it was delivered on time, can not fault them...the rest could learn from Rock...........

  TomJerry 11:43 15 Apr 2004

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