advice for updating anti virus software

  mikeyboy32 08:54 30 Mar 2005

My mcafee anti virus software is coming near the end of it's 3 month free trial that i got with my new pc but i'm wondering if it's worth just buying the full price software update that's on my email direct from mcafee itself think it was about 30 pounds.
or can anyone advise a better or cheaper alternative perhaps?
hopefully if i did install new software it would conflict with anything on my pc as i'm quite happy with the job mcafee is currently doing.

  megapack 09:05 30 Mar 2005


I have just updated my McAfee anti-virus for another year at a cost of £29.99. I felt it was worth it. I have also noticed that you can get from PC World over the next few day the McAfee Internet security suite version 7 for the same price including quickclean.

If you do decide to go for a free version, I would suggest either AVG or Avast. You would have to uninstall McAfee of course before installng any other anti-virus software.

  Arnie 11:17 30 Mar 2005

I have been in touch with Zonelabs.
They told me ZoneAlarm with anti-virus costs around £15 inc. vat for one user. Two users are slightly cheaper pro rata.

This is what I will be using very shortly when my present software licence runs out.

My brother and a friend have been using ZA for a few months and it is an excellent software program.

Do not pay the extra £8 or so to allow the registration details to be accessed for a year, it's not necessary. Just save the details safely so you can use them should a reinstall be required.

click here;jsessionid=CKz4VpotNa217KMKsVCuQMI5Elm3gWOzv1Lr1WoiFc8YK4Ajoz4k!992538258!-1062696903!7551!7552!NONE?lid=ho_zaav


  garrema 13:31 30 Mar 2005

Firewall - Zone Alarm
Antivirus - AVG Free

Both cut down versions of Prosoftware but very good.

ZA & AVG are higly regarded by users here. Do a forum search and there will be many links which are found.

  Belatucadrus 17:21 30 Mar 2005

Just a note for those of you still sceptical about the free options avast! by Alwil & AVG by Grisoft. Both are listed click here on the Microsoft Antivirus partners page. Whatever you think about Bill G, he doesn't put idiots or the incompetent on his partner list.

  Belatucadrus 17:29 30 Mar 2005

click here may also be of interest.

  Brian-336451 10:28 31 Mar 2005

If you want 'free', stop reading.

If you want state of the art protection, Kaspersky will update virus protection every hour, I have it set (on an 'always ON' connection) to every 3 hours.

Yes it cost me, but I am worth it and so is the data on my machines.

  anchor 13:52 31 Mar 2005

McAfee AntiSpyware 2005 retail: £17

McAfee Internet Security 2005 oem: £18

click here

I have used this supplier in the past with no problem.

  anchor 13:57 31 Mar 2005

Sorry, I should have said, these prices are plus VAT, (+ p/p of £5). Still less than the £30 McAfee ask.

  cobefn 15:53 31 Mar 2005

When I used windows 98, when ever I needed to update Virus protection or any Shareware trial expired I used to just do a 'Set Up and Recovery' and I could update for another 12 months, I used Norton 2001 right up untill Aug. 2004,(ALL updates where up to date!) I was using some 30 day shareware for almost 3 years! Then I went XP with a self build PC and I can't do that anymore :-( but,,I've just heard about 'Ghost' software,,so maybe there is a way afterall!

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