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  Pilch from 00:43 01 Mar 2004

This may sound stupid but could be helpful for me when i ring up.

I booked a LAN party for me and 9 mate's.

We paid £15 each all night. 8pm to 9am.

I had rung up before to get a list of games available. I agreed with list and asked for another game to be added (Well demo (UT2004)) and they said they would as it is no problem.

Anyhow last nite came along we set off, got there to be find that someone younger than us was in charge (We are all average ages of 19/20) He was 16. He was left in charge by his boss for the hole night.

When we got down to playing, we found they hadnt placed the game as asked by me onto the machine's, other games didnt work, leaving us with a very restricted list of games to play. Also some machines would crash during the session(i know cant be helped) and some where not of suitable spec's (i know it costs money to upgrade).

We found the person left in charge, to be even more immature than we first realised. He done many thing's to me and other's of which we wouldnt think of doing to people we didnt know. Especially if we where trying to run a business.

Being that i paid a deposit for 7 places with the other 3 guaranteed.

What i want to know is, being that the company was there to in effect provide a service to me and my friends, of games working as well as machine's, for the time allowed, if we could claim some sort of refund (I am not expecting full refund or even half), due to the fact that most where very un-happy at what was provided.

I wont mention the company as i dont think that it would be of interest being that this isnt a gaming place and so probably wouldnt bother people, but i would like advice on where i stand.

  hugh-265156 02:12 01 Mar 2004

what where the terms and conditions agreed to by you before you paid your fee pilchy?

We Agreed that there would be 10 machine's, which we would expect the games to be running. I mean one game halo had CD Key problem, which was then blamed on someone stealing them across the internet.

But the worst thing is though was the behaviour of this 16 year old left in charge. That is one of the thing's that most annoyed me and my friend's. Also the lack of games that worked....

But we agreed that i would pay up most of the cash before, and i had asked them to install UT2004 and i would of expected that they would check most of the games do also work.

  spuds 18:44 01 Mar 2004

a 16 year old solely in charge all night 8pm to 9am.Are you sure!.

Well i and my mates think he was definatley younger than us.

I just need someone to say if i have grounds to complain.... out of the people that went all have said that they were dis-pleased at it all....


  Sir Radfordin 12:38 03 Mar 2004

If you aren't happy with the service then write and tell them so. Suggest that they offer some form of refund. Even if legally you don't have a right to claim anything you can still complain about the level of service you have been given and hope they see things from your view point.

You may want to mention in your letter that if you don't hear back from them within 14 days you will be taking advice from Trading Standars/Legal Advice.

  Muzzsjm 12:42 03 Mar 2004


What is the name of the company? Is it Wireworld? If so I can pass your comments onto the owner as I know him well, if not do what everyone has said.


No it wasnt mate... This company is based in Canterbury in Kent.

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