Advice on selfbuid computer

  Quiet Life 14:37 10 Nov 2005

Having had a bad experience with a Targa computer,now returned,I have decided to build my own. I would appreciate comments on the following .
I only require a faster machine for general use and video editing.

Motherboard Gigabyte K8 NF-9 NF4
Processor AMD Athlon 64 dual core 4200
Graphics card Gigabyte 6600 256
2 Hitachi 160gb drives.
Have not yet decided on rom drives,case or psu.
The hpertransport on the above mobo is 1600mhz. Would I be better with a Foxconn NF4 UK8AA-8EKRS which is 2000mhz? I do not understand the difference bur would not be overclocking anything.
I thought of the Asus A8NE but it does not have firewire.
Views appreciated.

  €dstowe 16:29 10 Nov 2005

We do a lot of video on a commercial basis. Most of your machines don't have Firewire but do have USB2.

You can always add a Firewire PCI card later if you find you need one.

Don't go over the top buying things that either you don't need or don't know what they are.

Having nineteen or so machines going, quietness is important. We tend to use Antec Sonata cases fitted with a bespoke soundproofing kit from QuietPC.

  GaT7 17:26 10 Nov 2005

& put you on the spot about another ; )

I would go for 2 SATA drives, as they're only £2-3 dearer than IDE ones.

They say the 256Mb g'cards, though having more memory, also has 'slower' memory, so a 128Mb may be the better choice (Remember to get a PCI-E, not AGP - if you chose the Asus A8N-E it would have to be AGP).

Yes, the Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS would be the best choice of the 3, but you wouldn't be able to tell in 'real world' terms. It has better FSB, NF4 Ultra chipset (Gigabyte is NF4), built-in firewire, & it's only around £2 dearer than the Gigabyte.

Good luck with the purchase & build : ))

Finally, how did your games system build for a relative go? I speak of this one click here. G

  €dstowe 18:38 10 Nov 2005

My post above should read "most of our machines - - " nor "your"

Sorry about that.

  Quiet Life 23:51 10 Nov 2005

Cdstowe. Need firewire from the beginning as camera uses that and am reluctant to fit a PCI card for this as have found the slots soon get used up with other cards.
Agree about sound and with quiter CPU and case fans it seems to be the harddrives seeking that makes the most noise. Will try sound deadening

Crossbow. The Asus A8NE is PCI-E and based on the ultra NF 4. Yes the drives I had in mind are SATA 2.
Grandson is well pleased with his machine which is more like a Xmas tree but I am told very fast.I have not been able to get near it to see how fast! No problems with the building but will have to reroute some of the wiring for better visual appearance. The Maxi-View side panel and lights expose the untidy cable routing.

  LastChip 23:59 10 Nov 2005

I would stay away from Hitachi drives. Seagate are my preference, but you wont go wrong with Maxtor either.

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