Advice on a router please

  illegaleagle 20:25 13 Jun 2003

I am looking into sharing the connection from an NTL broadband modem so that all the people in my house will be able to connect and therefore share the expense.

I have decided a router would be my best option seen as i dont have any desire to leave one of the pcs on all the time.

Anyone have any tips about which router i should get, or how much money i should spend?

I'm tempted by a wireless system, but dont really know what theyre reliability is like, or how much they push the price up...

Any advice warmly welcomed!

  jazzypop 20:57 13 Jun 2003

I chose the Netgear FR114P. It is cheap, has a 'proper' firewall (not just NAT, but stateful packet inspection as well), but very importantly, because it has a print server built in.

In other words, I plug my printer into the router, and all PCs can access it. I don't understand why this is not more widely offered - after all, what is the point of being able to access the Web, no matter which other PCs are switched on, if the printer is connected to a PC that is switched off?

Since then, Netgear have brought out some newer models, with and without wireless options, and some without the print server ability.

See for the current range. I have used Linksys routers quite a bit, they are usually pretty reliable (but print servers are extra). Belkin always seem a little slow and expensive in comparison.

  SEASHANTY 14:16 14 Jun 2003

Also have NTL broadband 600 kbits. Using the Linksys BEFSR41 cable/dsl 4 port router with switch. This isn't the wireless type. Its around £53 (inc VAT) from DABS. The router connects to the NTL cable modem. Have two PC's connected to two of the routers ports using RJ45 straight thru cables from the PC's ethernet cards. Either PC can access the internet without having the other PC switched on. This router would allow connection of 4 PC's with independent access. 20 metre RJ45 cables are about £8 each. The Linksys router contains an internal browser which besides configuring setup will also allow you to clone the MAC address of your initial registration with NTL into the routers MAC address. This avoild having to re-register with NTL. Cheapest option. Wireless is expensive. See this site <click here>

  theone 14:18 14 Jun 2003

You could check out click here. Check out the forum for advise on which to buy.

The One

  AndySD 15:01 14 Jun 2003

I am on NTL and use the Netgear FR114P as well. Its very easy to set up and the firewall also lets you have some limited contol over the sites it lets through if you need it to.

  SEASHANTY 16:02 14 Jun 2003

Difficulties encountered in connecting to NTL broadband (registered MAC address) with the Netgear router type FR114P see this Broadband forum at <click here>

  SEASHANTY 16:07 14 Jun 2003

Sorry the above link will not connect using that address - you will have to do a google search using just the two words Netgear FR114P When it brings up the info click on the line with Netgear FR114P MAC Address etc etc.

  justme 18:35 14 Jun 2003

"Advice on a router please" makes a welcome change from the more usual "replies on a postcard please".

If people really do reply to you on a router and you have more than you need, would you please send one to me.

Sorry for the above, it's my warped sense of humour coming out again, but I couldn't resist it.

  jazzypop 18:41 14 Jun 2003




I don't doubt that you have seen the threads that you refer to, but I searched for 'netgear + fr114p + mac + ntl', in all forums, header and text - no results.

I have had no poroblem at all with spoofing my MAC address using the Netgear - and in any case, NTL now accepts 2 MAC addresses per household.

  SEASHANTY 19:15 14 Jun 2003

Thanks for that - I cloned the MAC address into my Lynksys router. I am puzzled about the URL link I gave regarding the Netgear router. The URL address is correct. Possibly it will not work because it is a page from the Google archives and can only be accessed by using a google search first. I have tried it again and can still access it. Try it on a Google U.K. only search keying in " Netgear FR114P " without the inverted commas and click on the item :-
broadband >>Forums/UK Broadband >> No MAC address with .... (You will see Netgear FR114P in bold in the text of this link). I do not doubt that the Netgear is a very reliable router. A further link on this google search lists it at £99-99.

  jazzypop 19:44 14 Jun 2003

Thanks for the extra assistance.

Having found the thread, it seems clear to me that this is a definite 'user error' problem. He was very confused about what MAC address he had previously registered with NTL, and was (in effect) trying to block specific ports in order to sort out his MAC addressing problems! No wonder he had problems :)

The fact that he had had to return several previous different brands of routers as the 'didn't work' is also a pretty big clue :)

I therefore stand by my initial opinion - but I would not have any trouble accepting your option (except for the lack of a print server, which I think is a pretty essential feature).

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