Advice re non-arrival of goods

  NewestRoyWidd1 13:44 01 Jan 2011

First,Happy New Year to FE and all forum members.
On December 22nd,I ordered online goods worth £15 and paid by card,and received a confirmation email the same night from the firm's card processor.
The firm is in the UK,and clearly states on it's website that orders are usually despatched within 24 hours.Delivery option selected was by Royal Mail 1st class post.

I have been waiting for the items to arrive,allowing for the usual Christmas mail backlog to clear,but nothing has arrived.I spoke to someone at the firm by phone yesterday,gave the order reference,and checked they have my correct address,and was told it was despatched on December 22nd,and that it"must be lost in the Royal Mail system,because you know what they're like".I should point out that I've received goods from other firms over Christmas without any problems.

What I'd like to know please is,what can I do next to get this resolved?Do I have any legal rights to fall back on?I initially emailed them,but got no response.
Many thanks in advance,NRW1

  961 14:05 01 Jan 2011

First, which firm did you order from? No problem in identifying it here.

Second, which part of the Uk are you? Give the first part of your post code

22nd Dec orders are probably still in the mix. Royal Mail decline to do much until 15 days have elapsed, but much stuff is still caught up in the chaos caused by weather and road delays. Remember every jack knifed lorry probably has 40 tons of stuff destined for you and me on board as it slides into the central barrier

It will, in all probability sort itself out, and if it doesn't, a reputable firm will see you right

If you paid by Visa card, they'll help you as well if things don't go as you wish

I know it's frustrating in the extreme but I have to say that things this December have been extreme as well

Many delivery guys are struggling as the local council says "we are running out of salt" One driving down our local road got stuck because someone else had stopped in the middle of the road. Not his fault. I got the local farmer to haul him out with his tractor, otherwise he'd have been there yet

We haven't had a refuse collection for 6 weeks because the bin lorry decides it can't come down our road because the gritter can't spread salt because the council is running out!

In the 1960's the motorways were kept open by adequate resources. Now, we have money for nothing. A load of mild winters have seen stuff for keeping the roads clear scaled back year after year. Snow arrives, pipes freeze, no one has the salt or the plumbers to keep things going



Have I just gone off on one?

A third world country spending too much on.....

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:18 01 Jan 2011

Thanks,I don't particularly want to name the firm in a public forum,personal reasons etc,but will do so via the yellow envelope if you wish?

First part of my postcode is LE2 if that helps you?And I used Mastercard.

  961 14:25 01 Jan 2011

Happy for you to use the little yellow

Leicester et al was not so badly affected as us here in the Scottish Borders at the start but I think the whole system just clogged up later

Much depends on where the item was dispatched from

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:32 01 Jan 2011

Mailed you via the envelope

  spuds 14:36 01 Jan 2011

Before and over the Christmas period I have ordered a number of items (all with confirmation of dispatch). Some of them have arrived virtually the next day, when its taken upto 10 days for other items to arrive. Of the 10 day item , I did contact the retailer, who responded straight away, because he had received many complaints. He stated that he had contacted the Royal Mail, and their advice was a simple message of not knowing where the items were, and a case of waiting.

The Royal Mail will not entertain a claim until 15 days have possibly past.Then it may take another 30 days before settlement, in the hope that the goods turn up in the meantime.

The same applies with courier companies. Some have been trying to work as normal, others have found it impossible.

The alternative that you have is to cancel the order under the Distance Selling Regulations, in which case the retailer would then have 30 days in which to return any payments made.

I would add, that I have ordered further items on the 28/12/2010, which have been confirmed as dispatched, but I do not expect them to arrive till possibly the middle or later of next week, due to Christmas working patterns.

  uk-wizard 15:09 01 Jan 2011

From the other point of view.
I work for a medical goods company and we dispatch about 10 sacks of first class mail and 100 parcels every day, to all parts of the world. We are getting a lot of calls 'where's my order?', these delayed orders are costing us a lot of money as if an order is 'lost' then we have to resend it. I think there must be some big bins full of mail that have got lost (forgotten) in the system somewhere.

  wee eddie 15:21 01 Jan 2011

Ordered on 22/12/2010, probably in the afternoon/evening.

Christmas Holiday coming in 48 hours, with the new Year to follow.

Whole country in the grip of Snow and Ice. Most Essential Services under considerable pressure to perform at all. Many Roads blocked. Railways hardly functioning. Airports in a state of total collapse. Most Companies closed from 23rd or 24th December until 3rd January.

Admittedly, the Snow and Ice has now gone, but we haven't reached the point where most of the Country's Workforce is back at it's desk yet.

Take a breath and count to three, then rephrase the question!

  NewestRoyWidd1 15:24 01 Jan 2011

Spuds and uk-wizard;Seems like I'll just have to be patient then?I will give them until the middle of next week and ring them again.
Does anyone know my specific rights under Distance Selling Regulations regarding me cancelling the order and being refunded?

  wee eddie 15:24 01 Jan 2011

You are happy in the bosom of you family but expect everyone else to be working as normal!

  961 15:35 01 Jan 2011

click here

You can cancel at any time from the time you place the order till 7 days after receipt of the goods and be entitled to a full refund

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