Advice re a new PC preferable not mail order

  puma22 10:49 22 Feb 2005

Hi, having had my fingers badly burnt buying a PC from a distance company, I feel that i want to deal iwth a face -2-face company. at least I will have someone to yell at if it goes wrong.
I see that PCWorld have been recommended on various threads so thought i might give them a go. I have a short list but need some questions answered before I treck down there.
firstly, I cant find any info re expansion and future proffing i.e. how many spare slots on the machines MB and how many spare slots for adding RAM.
Secondly, what is their aftersales service like? Do I need to spend the 7.99 per month?

  spuds 11:42 22 Feb 2005

PC World in-store helpdesk should have and provide all the answers that you require. If you live in or near a major city or town, then you should have a 'reputable' computer store some where near, who should be able to meet your requirements about specifications, future support etc.

Consider payment by credit card as a 'must do', as this will safeguard you and your future possible purchase.And make sure that you have some form of specification sheet, containing the fully installed components. Nothing worse than finding your computer components were changed in the manufacturing process,when you need to change or upgrade at a later stage.

  961 11:44 22 Feb 2005

If you look at click here you will find the specs for Advent computers and various others that PCWorld sell

Pay by credit card and don't buy the extended warranty. If it is going wrong it will do so in the first 12 months. Although I've bought several computers from PCWorld I've never used their after sales service because the computers didn't go wrong.

If you want extra ram I would get them to do it when you buy the computer. These cases are often sealed and the bios may have a tell tale to advise if you have been inside. This may cause problems if you rely on the warranty

  Happy Soul 11:48 22 Feb 2005

For one of the best distant companies around click here .

The monitor is extra but you can get a TFT from £116 upwards.

You could go down the barebones route click here and add your existing HD, floppy, etc.

When my TFT stopped working I contacted them and they gave me a freephone number to ring, a couple of days later my new one arrived.

You will end up with a superior system for the same price as Superstores or a similar system much cheaper.

  puma22 19:00 22 Feb 2005

thanks for the advice, espcially about paying by CC.
961, It is interesting that your recon not to bother with the extended warrenty - it works out very expensive!
Happy soul, these look good but feel that I can sleep easier if I can look someone in the eye if I have a broken PC.

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