ADVICE ON Q6600 and 8800GT

  DJfree33 22:10 04 Jan 2008

I,m in the process of ordering my components for my PC build and just need a bit of advice on a few parts.

Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600:
Are these two the same spec as there titles are different but there specs seem the same, plus free postage at ebuyers. click here

click here

8800GT 512mb:
This is the graphics card i wish to buy from Overclockers but there seems to be 26 variations of this card, not 100% sure which one i should go for, or are they all as good as each other.

Thanks for your time

  DJfree33 22:20 04 Jan 2008

Forgot to put a link in for graphic cards list:
click here

  AlanHo 22:40 04 Jan 2008

I can see two Q6600 processors listed

One is OEM - just the bare CPU without the heat sink cooling fan

The other is retail - boxed with CPU Heat sink cooling fan

I recently built a computer with the Q6600 but went for a Zalman fan for better cooling.

  DJfree33 12:32 05 Jan 2008

I think they are both retail versions but unsure if the one from ebuyers is a Energy Efficient SLACR 95W Edition like the one from overclockers.

  citadel 16:44 05 Jan 2008

if you get the go stepping version of the q6600 it overclocks to 3.6

  DJfree33 17:25 05 Jan 2008

ok, thank you Citadel, so i guess the one from ebuyer is best one to buy.

  project 90 17:44 08 Jan 2008

for your g card issue i would think there all about the same your best bet is to go for bigger numbers and the term of the warranty i got the evga 8800gts340mb and it works fine but my borther got a bfg card a while back and has had no probs with them either and u get a life time warranty.

but i wouldnt think the likes of 50mhz here and there will make much difference in the cards performance maybe like 2 fps of so if that

  DJfree33 18:16 08 Jan 2008

thank you project 90 for your advice

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