advice on processcors / computers

  winterstarling 13:39 19 Jul 2005

can anybody please give me some helpful advice. ive asked in a couple of shops and no one seems to give impartial advice. im doing a degree course and need a computer for word/excel/pdf files/storing digital photos,music not for gaming.
what processor would you recommend pc's ive looked at are
COMET-fujitsu siemens P4(2.8), 512mb ram, 80Gb HD, OR similar HP with celeron D(2.8)
CURRYS- HP AMD64(3200), 1024mb ram, 180Gb HD
DELL- up to the 5100 dimension P4
because my budget is £600 including a printer/copier/scanner
(my local computer shop can do a basic system celeron D 512 ram 80HD for £600)

  De Marcus 14:04 19 Jul 2005

The first bit of advice is to steer well clear from your local pc shop as for that kind of money the spec their offering isn't to grand.

Then you've to consider that from what you descrbe of the pc's intended use you don't need an all singing all dancing machine.

If you pop along to dells website you'll be able to configure a machine to spec and wallet.

  winterstarling 14:20 19 Jul 2005

yeah did'nt think the local shop was such a good deal. i'm not sure what kind of a processor i need or do i get the best i can and is it a P4 or the AMD64. the best deal to me seems to be the PC in currys but then it comes down to support.

  De Marcus 14:39 19 Jul 2005

I always had a 'buy the best you can afford' policy when helping friends and family decide. For future proofing and support for the next generation of operating systems I would go for the AMD 64. Wherever you buy from, you should check out things such as support/warranty. As for dell's support, second to none in the grand scheme of things in my humble opinion.

  961 16:31 19 Jul 2005

The stuff you are seeking to do can be run by any modern computer. The Dell website is a good place to start. You should get one for no more than £3/£400 depending on the screen you want and what offers are running. Dell use Intel but AMD computers are just as good

You'll need to budget for what software you need. Don't forget the student editions

Don't spend megabucks on service contracts. If it works out of the box for a few months it will probably work forever. If it doesn't work out of the box bung it back for a refund

Advent computers at PCWorld usually work well but I would leave HP and Fuj alone

  winterstarling 18:22 19 Jul 2005

thanks for the help, interesting to see your view on HP and fuji. think i'll go the dell route

thanks for the advice

  Forum Editor 19:00 19 Jul 2005

I agree that Dell would be best in this situation.

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