Advice please, Is Pcnextday really that bad?

  cookiepatel 13:07 18 Nov 2006

Hello,Been thinking about getting this PC from Pcnextday
click here but when i asked our I.T manager what he thought he laughed and said don't buying anything from Pcnextday and told me to check out this board. I have read the comments and i see can why our I.T manager laughed.

My question is at that low price is it worth taking a risk with PCnextday? If not can someone suggest a similar priced PC from another company?

  spuds 13:21 18 Nov 2006

Without getting into the argument's of PCNextday, as there are many threads about this company already, within the forum. Why not consider click here as a possible supplier. A number of forum members , including myself, use this company, due to their commitment in giving good products and reliable service.

  Probabilitydrive 13:29 18 Nov 2006

Forums (i.e. PCpro) are full of cancelled deliveries, missing compnents, fauly part and more from this particular company.

In fact, PCPro (latest issue p 232) dedicates a full article dealing with the above issues.

Make no mistake, this company is appearently seriously failing to deliver in various categories, but what seems to be the worst: they dont bother to communicate with their customers.

Based on their current reputation, I would definately NOT buy from them.

  simonpage 21:05 18 Nov 2006

'My question is at that low price is it worth taking a risk with PCnextday? If not can someone suggest a similar priced PC from another company?'

I bought a Zoostorm mainly because of the cheap price and now i wish i hadn't due to the unacceptible after sales suport, when they couldn't help me fix my hardware problems I asked for a refund, they said no! YES PC Nextday Zoostorms are cheap and YES delivery is quick {at least it was for me} but the support is not good. Should yu take the risk? well thats upto you. If i were you i would check out some other companies like Novatech

  richardi 23:14 18 Nov 2006

Check out my other thread. I ordered a Zoostorm on the basis of a review in this magazine and have not had it delivered three times. Three days work lost waiting for these clowns. I have now asked for a refund. I will update this thread as news emerges. Do not use this company unless you want problems!

  cookiepatel 20:36 19 Nov 2006

I gonna pass on Pcnextday, customer feedback is mostly bad, not just this site but its the same on other sites too... i can't be doing with poor delivery and support. Novotech sounds like a good company, i will have a look at their range. Thanks

  cookiepatel 00:47 30 Nov 2006

Giving Pcnextday the benefit of the doubt i emailed them with some questions about the Zoostorm PC. Its been over a week now and they still have'nt replied, if this is the quality of their service i definately will not be buying from them even though they are one of the cheapest.

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