Advice please - I'm not being charged...

  Toastrack 10:06 15 Feb 2008
Locked my ISP provider.

While they have my credit card details, and HAVE debited it with small amounts for chargeable phone calls, they've never charged me the monthly basic fee.

This has gone on over 12 months now. Just getting a little nervous in case they sussed out what's (not) happening and walloped me with fees going back to day 1.

I'd rather not say who they are - just that although they have a bad reputation, broadband has been generally fine and has only played up about 3 times in a year.

Do I keep quiet and risk it?

Or be grateful for their oversight and transfer elsewhere now, before they rumble the situation?
If I left now, what are the chances of them charging me for the "arrears"?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  AlanHo 10:17 15 Feb 2008

Whatever you do - they will probably rumble you eventually and try to recover the arrears. You do not have a leg to stand on if it was ever to become a legal battle.

If it were me - I would contact them and complain that they have not been charging me. I would argue that it is their fault and that you cannot afford to pay the arrears in one lump. You may find that they accept your argument and simoly start to charge as from now - alternatively you may be able to get them to spread the arrears over future payments.

I feel that the longer you leave it - the worse the outcome will be.

  laurie53 10:59 15 Feb 2008

Put the relevant amount in an ISA each month.

That way you will have the money available if (when) they catch up with you, but you will be earning tax free compound interest on it until they do.

  tillybaby 11:45 15 Feb 2008

Both good pieces of advice Toastrack,

It seems as though this problem is worrying you though so if I were you I'd confess but also plead ignorant that you weren't aware that they hadn't taken the basic out of your account until you checked it carefully. Also say that seeing as they had your details you just assumed that they were taking out the correct amount each month,

I really can't see them insisting on you paying the full amount in one go because it was their fault after all.

  Totally-braindead 11:55 15 Feb 2008

Agree with the others but although they might not insist on getting the full amount in one lump sum you will have to pay them eventually.

  rickf 12:12 15 Feb 2008

bit naive to be posting this.

  rickf 12:13 15 Feb 2008

bit naive to be posting this.

  Covergirl 12:27 15 Feb 2008


You lucky, lucky XXXXXXX.

Personally I think you should have the money ready for when they ask for it, just in case, but negotiate payment terms as per advice above. You might even get a discount ! Whatever you do, plead ignorance but you'll have to pay the arrears or whatever you negotiate.

However, I'd take a chance, and if you're out of the minimum contract, I'd jump ship and hope - you might be lucky !

  grumpygramp 14:24 15 Feb 2008

The old saying "cheats never prosper comes to mind. You are obviousely worried by it, otherwise you would not have posted here ."Is it worth a lot of will they won`t they worry ".Do not leave till they take a lump sum ,and the first you know about it is when some of your Direct Debits bounce because of insufficient funds.

  al7478 16:07 15 Feb 2008

i agree with those who say its their fault and you should negotiate if they chase you up, but thoroughly disagree with your policy up to now - you should have chased this up as soon as you realised they hadnt cottonned on.

I mean, it is their fault, but itll be you saddled with the problem of paying the arrears.

You've done yourself few favours.

  Pamy 17:40 15 Feb 2008

I with rickf, you dont nead to come hear and ask advise about this you should have been brought up to know right from wrong

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