Advice on PC for music production

  insomniacrobat 17:11 06 Apr 2008


Can anyone advise me?

Im looking to buy a new desktop PC to be used primarily for music production with software like Cubase SX and Ableton live etc..

Im currently running 2.4Ghz intel celeron with 512Mb RAM and its really beginning to struggle with multiple tracks of audio..

Im really after some advice on the following:

1. Ideal specs for CPU speed and RAM

2. Manufacturer and somewhere to buy that is in your experience reliable!

any advice will be very very much appreciated!!

Cheers in advance!


  jack 12:14 07 Apr 2008

Gig is probably all you need
Check out
Download their check and it will tell you what memory is has to offer.

  wee eddie 12:43 07 Apr 2008

needs must:

I have been told that there have been problems with Creative's Sound Card Drivers for Vista, anyway making original Recordings of Music may need a special Sound Card.

Will you be recording instruments direct to the PC or through a Mixing Desk, in which case: How many Channels.

Do not consider less than 2GB RAM for Vista, but they say that 4GB is overkill.

You will need "BIG BIG" Hard Drives if you are trying to record more than a few minutes, Single Channel, at a respectable "Bit Rate"

  insomniacrobat 14:02 07 Apr 2008

Jack, thankyou very much!

That site is brilliant. Ive ended up ordering 2Gb of RAM from them, i never thought it would be that simple!

Wee Eddie.. i appreciate your input although you didnt really answer either of my questions! haha..

Ive got the recording end sorted.. through a mixer using an audiophile 24/97 and a 300Gb harddrive on XP.. i just wanted advice on what needs upgrading in terms of RAM or processor..

but thanks for posting.

  wee eddie 14:09 07 Apr 2008

One never, really, knows where someone is coming from. On that that point, the Celeron processor is probably not ideal as it is really designed for simple Office tasks but it'll do the job in mille-seconds rather than nano-seconds.

  keef66 12:48 08 Apr 2008

have a look at the pc's offered by Digital Village to get an idea of what today's spec is for a music production pc.

I think it's but I'm just off to check

  jack 14:05 08 Apr 2008

purchasing a new PC or not depends on the depth of your pocket and your personal inclinations

Remember the programs like Cubase and Steinberg were originally written for 16 and 32 hz processors[Motorola 68000 and 68030] installed in a ATARI ST machine with the maximum of a whole 4 megabytes of memory - and they are still around.

  keef66 14:28 08 Apr 2008

My son has Reason 4 installed and running on our 7 year old pc (Athlon XP 2100+ cpu / 1Gb ram) It sometimes struggles a bit, but I think that has more to do with the MSN, IE7 and i-Tunes he has constantly running in the background.

  [email protected] 10:47 09 Apr 2008

I use cubase 4 for music production and composing.
Your soundcard is ok. What you need basically is an intel Core 2 Duo E6600 cpu plus 2 gig of ram.Graphics are not that important.I use similar specs on my daw and can use multiple vst instruments and plugins and never worry.
Hope that answers your question.
Feel free to email me if further advice is needed.

  [email protected] 10:50 09 Apr 2008

I get my parts from here click here

  GaT7 17:00 09 Apr 2008

Consider this QUAD-core Dell Inspiron 530 click here for £359 (remove monitor to get it for this price (£344 with Quidco cashback click here) - the motherboard has 2x PCI slots.

If the RAM you bought from Crucial is DDR2 5300/6400, then you could use it in this system. G

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