Advice needed for first purchase of dictaphone/voice recorder

  mgowland 19:38 10 Jul 2012

I'm looking to buy a dictaphone or voice recorder, but don't really know where to start so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I need a dictaphone that is able to record my voice for 2-3 seconds frequently (e.g. every two minutes or so) and will then allow me to play through all these recordings continuously without pause. The device must also be able to record my voice for 5-10 minutes continuously multiple times. Sound quality is not priority, although it has to be decent, and the focus is on finding a dictaphone, which suits the purpose I need it for.

I'm a medical student who has to read a lot of text each day, but I also have to plan essays as these form part of my exams. The idea is to read through the textbook chapters and record the key points relevant to the essay on the dictaphone at frequent intervals then listen to them back and form an essay plan. The essay plan will then be read out in a 5 minute format to allow me to listen to the plan whenever I want to. This is as writing down the points for multiple essays is very time consuming.

If possible the dictaphone must be able to record data in multiple files or streams as I will be making notes for more than one essay at once from the same text. The device should be easy to use and the 2-3 second recordings easy to delete with the longer 5 minute recordings ideally stored separately so these are more difficult to delete accidentally.

I would like the dictaphone to link to the PC as I feel manipulating the audio files would probably be easier, and I would like to put some of my 5 minute audio files onto my iPod.

It's very difficult to describe what I am trying to find and I'm not sure any model is capable of performing this function. Any advice regarding this would be very helpful as I'm not sure if what I'm after is unrealistic, in which case, I could compromise on my demands.

  wee eddie 22:18 10 Jul 2012

Have a look at the Olympus Range:

My experience is long out of date but I used to use one for Stocktaking with it on Voice Activated, switching between 3 channels for different Product Groups. Still have it, downloads to my PC without too much hassle. about the size of a Topic Bar.

  mole44 05:38 11 Jul 2012

If you have an ipod you can buy a microphone like i did superb recording, look on Amazon. down side you have to unplug the microphone and plug in headphones to hear what's been recorded

  namtas 21:05 13 Jul 2012

As recommended, look at the Olympus range, I use them regularly and find those with PC download facilities much more adaptable and safer for protecting your recording. The new VN 5500PC with speech recondition software will even transfer your voice recording direct to text, that model gives you over 220 hours of rambling. Best stop I am sounding as if I am on commission

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