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  imzy 20:11 02 Dec 2006

Hi there.

I want to invest in a new system as I am going to give my Evesham, which has served me well for 6 years, to my younger cousin as their first system. This time round I thought I would give Mesh a try.

I like the spec of the Elite E6300 GS but I have a couple of concerns.

Firstly, I do not know much about graphics cards and my system won't really be used for games that much, but whenever I get the chance I do like playing the odd game. The graphics card supplied with the system is the 512MB DDR2 nVIDIA GeForce 7300GS - TV out- DVI - PCIe (256Mb SMA). For an extra £30 I can upgrade to the 256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS - DVI,HDTV & TV-Out - PCI-Express. Would you recommend I upgrade or would the first option be sufficient.

Secondly, I would like to know if the 19" Mesh LCD monitor supplied is half way decent or in the long run would another monitor be better.

Thank you for your assistance

  Jake_027 20:53 02 Dec 2006

upgradinging the graphic card like you suggest. The 7300 is the low end Nvidia GPU (graphics processing unit) whereas the 7600 is more mid-range. Also the 7600 supports HDTV, so it's a bit more futureproof.

The MESH monitor seems fine to me, since you won't be playing high end games at top setting the 8ms response time is fine, its what most monitors have. Also, you'll be hard pushed to find a decent 19" monitor for £110 (which is how much is subtracted if you take it off) and if anything goes wrong it's covered by MESH's warranty. However, it's DVI sodon't forget to add the DVI cable for £5 underneath unless you already have one, otherwise you'll get a PC with no way to connect it to the monitor! DVI is not to be confused with VGA, the blue port you see on older monitors and graphics cards, as far as I'm aware the two aren't compatible. I'm still on VGA because my system is 5 years old, but I'm pretty sure ports are different.


  freaky 20:54 02 Dec 2006

If you don't mind paying the extra, then I would go for the 7600GS as it will be cheaper in the long run i.e. if you start playing more advanced games.

As regards the 19" Mesh LCD monitor, what make and model is it ?

Sometimes PC suppliers offer an inferior monitor in order to make the price of the PC appear more attractive. When I bought my Mesh system a year ago I got it without a monitor, and sourced another make from elsewhere.

I am pleased to note you have specified a 19" it's an ideal size.

  FatboySlim71 10:54 03 Dec 2006

I purchased from Mesh once and I would never do it again due to the fact of their terrible customer service.

I purchased my last PC from Evesham and its a fabulous PC, very stable and it seems A1 quality, my main reason to purchase from Evesham was because of countless recommendations off of friends and colleges who told me that Evesham make A1 PC's and their aftersales is spot on, everyone of them said the same.

imzy you say "my Evesham, which has served me well for 6 years" If it has served you well for this long why go elsewhere for another PC, there is a lot of complaints about Mesh on this forum and also if you do a search with Google you will find many on there as well.

  boots2 12:44 03 Dec 2006

I hve three Mesh machines, all great, the oldest May 2000 only probems with the middle one (resolved by return & repair within a week).
The latest has a Sony 19" fantastic.

  freaky 13:00 03 Dec 2006

Had my Mesh for almost two worked fine straight out of the box.

It's a shame about to read the critical comments about Mesh on here....they are well made with top class components !

  Totally-braindead 13:04 03 Dec 2006

I also would advise paying the extra and getting the 7600GS card, much better for games.
Can't help about the monitor though.

  imzy 14:48 03 Dec 2006

Hi guys. Sorry I didn't reply straight away but but wife had my evening all planned out for me!!

Thank you for all your comments. I think I will go for the 7600 as it seems to be worth it for an extra £30.

I think the supplied monitor will be OK for my needs but there is now a extra twist. My sister has just won a 19" Samsung LCD screen in a prize draw where she works. What are the odds!! This is the monitor below:

click here

It retials at £290 so should I dump the Mesh monitor for this one as my sister used my computer as well so she is happy to give it to me.

One agian, any help appreciared.

  season8 15:00 03 Dec 2006

Mesh Computers have great parts in them and some times are made well, But the customer support & service sadly lets them down. If they could just sought that side of the business out then they would get my vote each time.

  The Brigadier 20:07 03 Dec 2006

OK, i'm semi anti-mesh, but if you get a system that has been checked then you may well get a good pc. Parts are normally good makes and most of the time put together well. The only downside is the customer service & support widely mentioned on the forum & others.

  Totally-braindead 20:20 03 Dec 2006

Its a LCD TV and not a dedicated monitor and as such I'm unsure as to how good a picture it will be as compared to a dedicated monitor. I tried to find a review but couldn't find much.
Sorry but I'm unsure, Samsung make some good stuff but whether this is one of them I don't know.

But looking at the spec I see no mention of a VGA or a DVI connector and this suggests to me that you couldn't use it as a monitor anyway as you'd be unable to connect it to your PC. I could be wrong but I see no mention of either as inputs.

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