advice on laptop from pcworld

  pat2068 21:13 27 Jun 2006

could anyone tell me what options i have i bought a advent laptop from pcworld on the 31st march had to get it exchanged on the 1st april as the dvd drive wouldent open now when i try to switch it on it comes to the welcome screen and switches of it does this with the battery or mains i cant get into anything thanks leo

  pj123 21:21 27 Jun 2006

Having never been in to any PC World shop I don't know the routine. Do they have a "Service Desk"? If so I would be inclined to take it back in and explain the problem (nicely, don't go in like a bull in a china shop). Let them try and boot it and see what they say.

  terryf 22:08 27 Jun 2006

Suggest that you don't accept a repair, say you want a replacement, I was in PCworld and spoke to a customer who had waited 6 weeks for them to 'repair' his PC. The goods aren't of 'merchantable quality' under the sale of goods act and I think you are entitled to either a replacement or your money back, Be quietly insistent.

  pat2068 22:16 27 Jun 2006

i dont really want a replacement as it has already been replaced and i dont think i want a third one if 2 are faulty leo

  spuds 22:21 27 Jun 2006

click here click here

The first six months, its for the supplier to prove the machine is of 'merchantable quality', and as such consumer law is more in favour towards you than them.

  terryf 22:28 27 Jun 2006

Follow spuds advise and try click here;jsessionid=15448c08516b0c2/shopdata/Notebooks/product_overview.shopscript

  pj123 22:40 27 Jun 2006

What is it you actually want then? If you don't want another replacement you could ask for a refund and buy from elsewhere. Alternatively, you could try another one but let them show you it working before you take it away.

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