Advice on intended purchase of a mobile!

  Les 21:16 25 Feb 2003

First, forgive the cheek of asking for advice on a subject not connected with computing, I value the advice of this fraternity and that's not just a load of cobblers!

I travel by car to many race meetings and, being a diabetic, have to be careful. It's often crossed my mind that a breakdown of the car could, for me, be rather dangerous if it occurred, say, in Mid Wales. I must get a mobile for my own safety - I don't want to - but I must.

As I won't be using it at any time other than when in the car - does anyone know of a suitable phone and, naturally, it shouldn't be too costly -bearing in mind it's, hopefully, non use! Also advice on how they are used - is a Pay as you Go really just that - or are there hidden costs.

A telephone salesman could no doubt answer some questions but, as they are naturally biased could I trust the answers - or am I becoming a Victor Meldrew character ? - I'm certainly the right age!!


  he he :-) 21:28 25 Feb 2003

if u want a cheap fone 3310 r cheap now and pay-as-u-go as far as I know doesn't have any hidden costs

  shifty 21:36 25 Feb 2003

I would go for a basic Nokia 3310 on a pay as you go system. The Nokia is a good reasonably priced mobile available on most of the networks with all extras like in-car chargers easily available. The phone will go for around four days without needing re-charging when left on stand-by. You can pick one up for around £69 on O2 or on Virgin for around £50 at carphone warehouse. I paid £10 for a top-up card early last year and I still have around £9.00 in credit, all I do is make the odd call every few months or so to keep the system activated. Once you've paid for the phone the only cost after is the top up card which for you would last quiet some time.

  Beas-Knees 21:40 25 Feb 2003

look here click here phones from only £59.99 including £15.00 of airtime if ordered online.Calls are 15p for the first 5 minutes every day and then 5p after that.No hidden charges,if you don't use your phone and just keep it for emergencies than it won't cost you anything.

  Les 23:14 25 Feb 2003

he he :-) (Happy Fellow?)---Beas-Knees (The Best?) and Shifty (no comment) :-))

Once again you've come to the rescue- I did have an eye on the Nokia 3310 so you have both confirmed and reassured me. I will try the link.

Grateful Thanks


  tbh72 23:41 25 Feb 2003

Dont be hasty, try:

click here

I haven't checked but they usually have some very exceptional deals.....

  Les 09:10 26 Feb 2003

Thanks for your input. I have already ordered a mobile from Virgin (ref Beas-Knees link). This is a Nokia 3310, comes with £35 free airtime. This makes it about £20 cheaper than that seen locally.
Let's hope my old head can get around the technology :-))

Not related to mobiles at all really, but just a comment to say how encouraging it is to see a thread resolved so quickly and demonstrating the power and use of this forum.

Question asked and answered with the result that the originator has now, based on advice, purchased.

I know its the idea behind the forum but its good to see it in practice!!

  tbh72 11:38 26 Feb 2003

Excellent Les, I am glad you've found one which is suitable.

Here's a little tip for you & for others that may read.

If you need to dial the emergency services via a mobile telephone always dial 112. When you dial 112 the phone alway's connect via the strongest network signal. You can also dial 999, but that is restricted to your network.

  Les 10:49 27 Feb 2003

Good Tip - I'll remember that, considering the circumstances forcing me to go mobile. The fact that I have done this has caused a little friction with my mates as I have, up till now and having seen some of the antics performed whilst using them (driving around sharp bends with one hand glued to the phone and ear!!), been anti-mobile! Who knows, I may yet become a devotee - but not to the point of driving one handed!

  Les 13:09 01 Mar 2003

I'm rather ashamed to say that now I have received my mobile from Virgin, fitted the Sim card and charged the battery - that I haven't a clue on how you obtain a number so that my relatives can get in touch should they need to do so. My excuse is advancing age and with it, in my case, stupidity as well!! :-))

Can anyone enlighten me?

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