advice on graphics card to get

  sunnystaines 13:50 13 Jul 2009

Not into gaming.

but able to handle 1080 hd viewing.

compatable with vista/w7

quiet if possible sink instead of fan

  user8 15:24 13 Jul 2009

How much do you want to spend?

  I am Spartacus 15:31 13 Jul 2009

One of these should do it click here from click here

  sunnystaines 20:13 13 Jul 2009

thanks for the links the cards looks the part, never used ATI before always had geforce [had probs with recent driver updates]

are ATI OK

  I am Spartacus 21:39 13 Jul 2009

I've only used ATI and am well satisfied. I have a problem with the latest 9.6 driver release but it only affects a minor bit of functionality in the Catalyst Control Centre which you don't need to install anyway.

I would think that decent airflow is required for that card.

  Armchair 22:22 13 Jul 2009

or this 9400GT (passively cooled)

click here

  sunnystaines 23:09 13 Jul 2009

thanks for the other link will think it over for a day or so as to what to get,they look even in spec

  Armchair 09:36 14 Jul 2009

I know you saidyou weren't interested in gaming, but this comparison chart shows how they measure up compared with all other cards

click here

  sunnystaines 17:52 14 Jul 2009

went for your option to give ATI a try. On looking for drivers keep end up on a game AMD web here click here

is it the best place to get the latest driver and can anyone explain what a catalyst driver is please?

this card seen to have 7 in1 audio do i disable onboard realtek audio or does this enhance it?

Armchair thanks too for your imput, gave geforce a miss this time as last 4-5 driver updates would not load correctly on my old AGP.

  I am Spartacus 19:17 14 Jul 2009

That's where I get my drivers from.

Not sure about the audio. Is it part of the HDMI cable connection? I understand audio is now part of the standard.

The Catalyst Control Centre is just software that allows you to tweak some of the settings on some of the cards e.g. overclock, fan speeds, colour etc. You don't really need to install it for the card you've bought unless there's HDMI settings that can be tweaked. I mainly use it to create 'Profiles' for cool running, gaming overclocks, fan settings.

  sunnystaines 22:09 14 Jul 2009

I am Spartacus


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