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  loopyloo 16:58 28 Dec 2004

I would like to purchase a digital camera. At present I have a 2 million pixel Olympus but I am looking to buy another. I want to print upto A4 size and want a good camera with sharp pictures. Can anyone suggest a particular make. There are so many on the market and I don't no which one to choose.

  ^wave^ 17:20 28 Dec 2004

if it is the same camera as mine a 200 i have no problems with it. when looking for a new camera check the quality of the lens as well as how many pixels you get, if the lens is no good it doesnt matter how many pixels you have you willnot get a good picture. i would say look at the magazines best buys for cameras.

  Diemmess 17:24 28 Dec 2004

You have an Olympus already and the 'mew' will easily print to A4, is very compact, dust and shower proof. Stay with a well known optical firm and accept that camera specs change almost as fast as inkjets............Its a very personal choice.

Best of all try hands on and see the results if you can before you buy

  Stuartli 17:26 28 Dec 2004

Any of the top brands - Olympus, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Kodak etc - will provide excellent results.

But more important is not to select a digital camera merely on specification. You need to find out how it feels and handles when using it, is it easy to use the menus, how quickly can you take a photograph after switching it on etc?

A general rule of thumb (at least for the next month or so!) is that a 3MP model with 3x zoom will cost around £100-120, a 4MP (perhaps even up to 5MP) version also with zoom about £140-160 and 5MP and upwards from just under £200 upwards.

There are so many remarkable bargains around at the moment that you will be spoilt for choice, so take time and pick the one that suits you and your requirements.

If you go to Jessops (if there is a store handy) you can try out and handle various models, backed by the knowledge that the staff can usually match or come very close to internet prices once a decision has been made.

There's also the comfort of knowing that if anything goes wrong or you need further advice, it's easier to deal with a local store than an internet box shifter hundreds of miles away.

Jessops website: click here

  Babou 21:02 28 Dec 2004

There's a great website for comparing digital cameras: click here It has very extensive reviews, with test pictures so you can see exactly what you can expect.

  Stuartli 13:52 29 Dec 2004

Another equally respected website:

click here

  anchor 14:33 29 Dec 2004

It is confusing I realise. Can you first give an idea of your budget.

Are you looking for something simple to use, or something that will also give you more control?. Do you want a small & pocketable model, or something larger?. What sort of pictures are you likely to taking, (eg: lots of closeups, nature study, or just general)?. It goes without saying you want good quality.

This information will help us to give you some specific suggestions.

  TECHNODIMWIT 18:38 29 Dec 2004

Only take notice of optical zoom, you can always crop in with photoshop etc, and still get better quality.

  steve263000 08:59 30 Dec 2004

click here
I have just purchased the above camera. Brilliant, highly recommended. 10xzoom with all the specs you will need. 3.2mp, and that it enough to print out a A4 easily. Unless you are getting into pro range much above is not worth the bother.

  Stuartli 09:11 30 Dec 2004

A somewhat dogmatic suggestion, although I agree with your praise of the camera.

However, it all still depends on what exactly loopyloo requires and the budget available.

Already my remark "at least for the next month" is out of date - there's a Samsung 3.2MP with 3x zoom now available at £89 and a Casio 6MP, again with 3x zoom, at £199.99 (PC World)...:-)

No doubt there are others that I've still to spot.

  Wuggy 20:25 02 Jan 2005

Probably of equal importance (if not more) is the quality of after sales service. It may be the best camera in the world but if it breaks down what happens then? I had problems with a camera which are documented in this thread click here
I finished up with a first class camera and the knowledge that should something go wrong in the future it will sorted out quickly and efficiently. I can't praise Fuji enough.

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