Advice on Canon A95 and A85

  loopyloo 18:11 31 Jan 2005

I am interested in purchasing the above Canon digital camera and would like to know if is worth paying the extra for the A95 instead of the A85. Any advice would be appreciated.

  quickgld 18:58 31 Jan 2005

You might find these websites useful

click here

click here

At a glance the only main difference seems to be the A95 is 5 megapixels and the A85 4 megapixels. I bought an A60 early last year and even though it is only 2 megapixels the result were excellent. The A95 is my planned next purchase but both are Canon's and IMO you can't go wrong whichever one you choose.

  Danoh 15:51 02 Feb 2005

I have a c3 yr old, 4 Mega pixel, Canon S40 camera. I never go for a print size larger than A4 and only crop 1/2 of the original picture, at most. This tends to be when I have to shot at wide-angle as I'm being jottled around severely and I can only fire off multiple shots in the general direction (e.g. camel riding). Usually I would trim just a bit off, if I touch it at all.

At 4 Mega pixel, I've found that using the 2nd highest resolution setting out of 4 has been sufficient for my amateur level pics. It also means I am reassured that with 2, 256 Mb sized Compact flash cards, I have sufficient capacity for a whole holiday without having to have access to a PC to dump pics off onto CD-R.

So it depends on your circumstances whether the 5 or 4 Mega pixel is what you need. For a general home, picture snaps, 4 Mega Pixel will be adequate, easily.

In case you ever get that fantastic picture that you want to have printed larger than A4, or you need to crop as much as 50% of the picture out but then want to enlarge to A4 size, then it would be advisable to go for the 5 Mega Pixel and make sure you have enough Compact Flash card capacity.

Hope that helps.

  Scillonia 13:22 03 Feb 2005

Bought an A80 in Nov 03 from the Digital Camera Company, used on land and underwater, (in waterproof casing) camera broke down in Dec 04 just out of manufacturers warranty. Contacted the DCC they advised that they extend the manufacturers warranty by another 12 months. Sent camera on the 30th Dec, received back having had the barrel replaced and recalibrated by the middle of January.
Have printed photos to A4 size with out problem or visible degradation. Please remember printer quality counts for a lot when printing photos etc. Happy snapping.

  Alan2 20:56 03 Feb 2005

I had a similar dilemma when comparing the A60 and A70 but by the time I had decided to take the plunge the A60 was unavailable and I've been very satisfied indeed with the A70.

If I were you I would just look for the best deal on the A95.

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