Advice Buying a New Laptop Acer Timeline's

  Fooforever 16:14 14 Dec 2009

Hi I'm looking to buy a new laptop over the Christmas period and am looking for a bit of advice.

Now I have been looking at well spec'd models form compaq, acer, hp and the like all having similar 2ish Ghz processors and 2-4Gb of ram and 160-320Gb HDD's and at the £400 or below price tag. But the other day while browsing the comet site I came across the new acer timeline 15inch model:

click here

Now my question is how will this compare to what i have been looking at already? My usage is nothing really heavy- collage work, occasional picture editing/ movie editing, and mainly internet browsing you know common tasks. The processor is my main worry because everything else is similar but the battery life and weight of the device will be a big plus, also I am likely to be using the HDMI socket for the TV.

Any help is very much appreciated due to my mediocre knowledge in the area.

  chub_tor 19:11 14 Dec 2009

click here is a pretty comprehensive review.

  Fooforever 17:31 17 Dec 2009

This review seems to put abit of a downer on the laptop I have read much more positive reviews.

Can anyone make any suggestions to a laptop if you dont think this is any good?

  andyref 18:45 19 Dec 2009

My advice is dont buy an Acer as mine lasted 16 months .
I now have Toshiba A500 .

  GaT7 17:51 21 Dec 2009

Note that the Acer Timeline you linked to only has a single-core CPU.

This Acer Aspire 5536 click here for £20 lower & with a dual-core CPU, 4Gb, 500Gb, HDMI port, webcam (amongst other features) appears to be a better deal. It received 28x 5* user reviews. OK, the CPU is not the fastest dual-core in the world, but it will be better than the Timeline's CPU. G

  HondaMan 19:12 22 Dec 2009

an Acer 8935G. Great machine.

  beston 07:52 27 Dec 2009

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  961 09:32 27 Dec 2009

click here

This one at Misco is considerably cheaper and has a faster processor. I bought one for my daughter and am well pleased with it

Of course it's not quick in todays terms but will do the jobs you want with the exception of movie editing. (For that, I'd suggest desktop anyway unless you intend to spend big bucks on a fast laptop)

And, whatever you do, whichever make you decide on, laptops are now widely available with Windows 7 installed. Don't buy one with Vista or XP

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