advice on buying new gaming pc rig

  bobbyT 12:26 08 Jan 2008


Wonder if anyone has purchased recent +1grand pc or may have helpful opinions on deciding if either below are worth considering:
Evesham's Quattro or Mesh Xtreme models.

I am looking to buy a new super-gaming pc and would consider budget of approx £1,700.

Thanks in advance,

  iqs 13:40 08 Jan 2008

Bought a £1100 gaming PC from Evesham last year(just tower).Amazing quality and performance,but there have been threads posted in Consumerwatch regarding Eveshams future.Friend bought a MESH,never again were his words.

I'm currently looking at the gaming Pc's which NovaTech are selling.From the comments on this forum,they have a great rep.Worth considering.

  project 90 17:30 08 Jan 2008

well i have had 3 mesh pc's this 1 being my third and they have all worked well,
your best bet might be to by the basic pc and buy your own g - card and ram from somwhere else then at least you have a better choice of graphics and ram.

also my 2nd mesh pc was £1200 and it was equipped with the old 6800gt and that played all games out at that time well and only broke with 2 weeks or so warranty left but mesh replaced the part 3 times untill the gave me an ati card :)

also have you looked into a custom build model sure for that budget you could build quite a machine?

  bobbyT 18:14 08 Jan 2008

My current (and also first! bought for £1,000) PC was purchased from MESH way back in 2002 and I must say I've never had the slightest problem - nor have I needed to contact customer support during all these years :) 7 years on - and after alot of upgrading, I think it is time to retire this old lady. Reading all the bad press MESH are currently getting does give me reservations going back to them ... but spec for spec they do offer greater value for money and better quality of components than their rivals :/
Building a custom rig does appeal to me ... but I don't see much difference in cost - but I'll take another look at Novatech.
Cheers for the advice :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 08 Jan 2008

click here Cougar seem to be flavour of the month and they have an impressive help line.


  tillybaby23 08:39 09 Jan 2008

I bought a Mesh computer in 2004, fortunately I didn't have any problems with it at all, just before Christmas I decided to buy a new one and read the comments about Mesh with regard to their customer service etc. and must say they were terrible so went to Cougar Extreme instead, I must say this company are brilliant and if there are any problems whatsover the guys there are only too willing to help you out,

There is nothing more frustrating than having spent best part of £2000 on a computer and if something goes wrong you are kept hanging on a phone indefinitely or worst still it not answered at all or taking a day off work and nobody turning up to pick up your computer, definitely Cougar for me in future.

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