Advice on buying a multifunction device.

  David-189382 11:32 09 Feb 2007

Can anyone please recommend a reasonably priced multifunction device that is not going to cost an arm & leg to run, and where can I get it.

  Jackcoms 11:42 09 Feb 2007

What sort of "multi-function device"??

A bit more detail would help

  silverous 12:03 09 Feb 2007

I've just bought a HP one from Staples. I wouldn't have normally thought of buying from there but my wife noticed they were knocking a hundred quid off if you brought in your old printer - not sure if they still are, but that put it below web prices.

Fax, wireless networking, wired networking, scanner, decent photo printer. Highly recommend HP.

This was the one, but I paid one hundred and something quid for it:

click here

  wjrt 13:49 09 Feb 2007

if you live near a store they often do in-store only promotional offers at great prices

  spuds 15:06 09 Feb 2007

I have just purchased the HP Photosmart 3100/3180 series all in one, which includes a card reader. Been using it now for a week, and happy with the results so far.The speeds very good 22ppm.

On that model, prices seem to be confusing and fluctuating, so shop around. Argos (cat 670/2388) £79.99. PC World was £99.95 then £39.99 now £59.99. Staples £39.99. These are prices within the last ten days, I paid £39.99 from PCW over a week ago (saving £60.00!), before the price increased.

I also use a 3 year old Lexmark X5150, plus a 9/10 year old HP 590, all in ones. Never had a problems with any of them, even though some people may imply that they are troublesome ie one thing fails, everything fails.

Would also mention that the HP 3180 uses the new type HP Vivera inks. Which I personally think could be better. When the trial versions run out, I will most likely try compatibles for a comparison.

  Jackcoms 18:39 09 Feb 2007

Interesting that 3 of you have assumed that the multi-function device is a printer/scanner/copier, etc.

I'm still waiting for a reply to my question of 11:42.

A Swiss Army knife is also a multi-function device. Dr Wack may be after one of those for all we know.

  silverous 18:47 09 Feb 2007

Jackoms - it seems we used a bit of common sense. If he was after a swiss army knife he'd be asking in the wrong forum.

I'm all for getting enough information but to me a multifunction device means either all-in-one with or without a fax. We've made some suggestions and he can look at them and come back with his thoughts, rather than finding himself faced with just a question.

  laurie53 18:48 09 Feb 2007

Since this is a PCA forum, and PCA review them as MFDs it's not an unreasonable assumption to make!

By your reasoning a graphics card could be a sketch pad!


  David-189382 19:41 09 Feb 2007

In answer to your question, Why do you believe everyone has the same level of inteligence as yourself. Why would I ask a computer magazine forum about a swiss army knife. It is like asking a desert dweller about a snowball. Thanks to everyone else for sensible answers.

  Totally-braindead 20:12 09 Feb 2007

In Jackcoms defence we have been asked some very strange questions over the years.
I must admit though I too thought you meant a printer/scanner all in one.

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