Advice for buying a convertible 15 inch laptop

  zoesadams89 20:32 09 Jun 2015

Help needed please! I am trying to buy a convertible 15 inch laptop.
I will mainly be using this for my accounting business which I am about to start, therefore it needs to be able to run accounting programs (not sure which yet) and be able to handle large spreadsheets.
The reason for the larger size is also because I usually work in large spreadsheets therefore a large screen will help.
Any recommendations welcome please? Any question just ask! Thank you

  bumpkin 20:57 09 Jun 2015

what do you mean by convertible.

  zoesadams89 11:46 10 Jun 2015

By this I mean 2 in 1. Where the laptop converts to a tablet as well

  john bunyan 12:15 10 Jun 2015

I had a look at a few of these. There is an issue with potential repair costs. For an older (say) 15.5in Toshiba Satellite you could get a replacement keyboard for about £25 and a screen for about £75. Newer laptops seem increasingly to have non DIY keyboards , an a touchscreen (as opposed to a non touch is about £4oo! A way around tis is to par about £9 a month insurance. I , personally, do not like touch screens for normal PC work but I saw this in Pc world, and it seems to fit your needs. (No DVD drive)


  john bunyan 12:16 10 Jun 2015

par = Pay!!

  zoesadams89 21:53 10 Jun 2015

Thank you for your help John. Much appreciated! Why do you not like the touch screen options may I ask?

  john bunyan 08:38 11 Jun 2015

For a tablet , fine. My use of a PC is for normal browsing, music (including some editing) photography (Photoshop) , where a mouse is needed. My concern is also with the cost of replacement if damaged - say £75 for a normal versus £400 for a touch screen. If you particularly like a touch screen, as some do, fine. If the "Tablet" is the important part for you, then clearly a touch screen is good. Your preamble talked of accounting and spread sheets so I assumed that a normal screen would be fine.

  wee eddie 10:59 11 Jun 2015

Just a thought. If a potential client saw you arrive with a Tablet. Might he not consider that the time he was paying you for might be spent on it rather than his accounts. It might lose you a contract or two. Not something a new business can afford!

  wee eddie 11:04 11 Jun 2015

Addendum: If I walked into my Accountant's Office and saw someone playing Angry Birds or on Facebook. I would certainly be querying the £50 an hour he was charging for their time!

  zoesadams89 19:27 11 Jun 2015

Thank you all

I was thinking more that it is good for presentations in a small environment. And presenting data for two people to easily see.

  wee eddie 21:45 11 Jun 2015

Unless it has two screens, I can see no advantage.

You would be better looking for a Lappy that has a screen with a wide viewing angle and a non-reflective coating.

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