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  Compassion 16:45 26 Jul 2005

My family currently uses AOL dial-up, but we want to upgrade to broadband. We have 2 phone lines in 2 buildings, and 3 computers that use the same AOL connection. One computer is frequently used to dial-up on the move.

Because my parents are familiar with AOL, I had wanted to stick with it, and had chosen the Silver package. However, home networking doesn't seem to be an option with this package, and there is a charge for using dial-up on the move. I don't really want to move up to the Gold or Platinum packages, because we don't need the speed or capacity, but there doesn't seem to be any other option.

Is home networking impossible, or is it just not supported? Is there any way to get around this problem? Should I just bite the bullet and teach my parents how to use a proper browser? I'd appreciate any advice.



  Snec 21:50 26 Jul 2005

When we were all on 512 AOL did not support networking at all. People seemed to take "no support" as meaning not possible but that was not the case in point of fact. Many of us were doing it. I've had two always, and sometimes three, machines networked with AOL for ages.

So, yes you can do it Compassion. You don't need AOL support, just a modicum of computer nous is all!

  Danoh 23:33 26 Jul 2005

Yes, you can easily get better broadband deals then AOL's and also software with better functionality then AOL's browser.

However, many are capped in how much data is downloaded and uploaded unlike AOL's unlimited access. If you do not do regular downloads of large files such as programs, music videos, play online games extensively, etc., you have a lot of options available indeed.

Not sure what you meant by 1 computer connecting to the internet on the move... a laptop? Which can be done with wireless networking.

Lots of options for whichever way you want to surf.

  Compassion 13:08 29 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice. I'll think I'll have to brush up on my networking!


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