Advice about new Case / PSU ?

Been having freezing problems with my PC and have tried swapping CPU & RAM with no success.

I'm now wondering if it might be my PSU thats not up to the job and am in the market for a reasonably priced Case with PSU (350 or 400 watt).

I am running a AMD Athlon 1200 CPU.

I have seen a few on e-buyer for around the £20 mark with free delivery but not sure exactly what to look for!

  961 16:47 10 Jun 2004

..have you checked the temperature that your system is running at? This can often cause the problem you describe.

If you go into the BIOS (press del at start up) you should find the temperatures. Are all the fans running and are they free of dust and other gunge, particularly the video card fan if present

SisoftSandra will tell you temperatures and fan speeds

To answer the question you asked I recently bought a standard ATX case with 420w PSU for under £30 from Dabs. It was well made and easy to work on. It also had a rear case fan fitted

Yep I have checked the temp of the CPU and appears to be running well within normal limits.

I am a wee bit suspicious obout the video card and swapping it with an old one I have is high on my list of things to try.

It seem to happen mostly (but not always) when I am connected to the net so the modem is on my last of suspects too (getting broadband in the next few weeks so that will check that one)

With regards to the case I am looking at this one - click here - any problems fitting an AMD motherboard?

  sidecar sid 18:43 10 Jun 2004

A good quality case according to the reviews,you will have no problems fitting your Motherboard.
For a better picture of it

click here#

And click on the PC-146


Hammering my keyboard to place order as we speak !

  Wrong 19:54 10 Jun 2004

The card might be the problem

My friends kept freezing on the net...upgraded his g-card drivers it stopped the crashes

Its worth a try

  Wrong 19:57 10 Jun 2004

I use a 550w psu.

Might be a bit excessive but Iam a gamer plus I do have 3 hdd's 2 dvd-rws and enough fans to cool a large warehouse :)

Cheers all for advice.

I will keep plugging away till I solve the problem.

  hugh-265156 01:43 11 Jun 2004

"It seem to happen mostly (but not always) when I am connected to the net"

if it was the psu at fault then you may be getting other errors. are you having any other problems apart from a slow internet connection?

is your version of windows up to date click here and are you using the latest drivers for your motherboard chipset and all the rest of your hardware? you can download these from the manufacturerts website.try this first.

The comp freezes and needs a hard reboot to get going again, all software/drivers/windows are up to date. It happens mostly when I am connected to the net but occasionally when I'm not.

Even tried clean install of Xp!

I suspect it is harware related, but......????? :-)

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