Advice about graphics cards please

  charlton200 20:03 18 Jun 2004

Could you please advice me about graphics cards .

As I don't play games I would be easy to please in buying a new computer, but my wife does enjoy playing games, so I would not like to buy a computer with a graphics card that is not up to the job.

She is not a must have all special effect type of person but would like a half descent graphics card for the latest games.

Could you tell me ones to look out for and ones to miss.

I see a lot of average price systems sell card like the fx5200 or something like that, is this an ok card.

Many thanks.

  961 20:17 18 Jun 2004

If you get the Aug 2004 Computer Shopper magazine there is a good article on graphics cards that tells what you get for what you spend

  byfordr 21:12 18 Jun 2004

Something like the 9600 (pro and xt are better) should cope with current and some future games (won't necessarily have all the flash effects) 9800 pro for long term.

Fx5200 are down the bottom of the food chain, and will struggle on the latest games.

click here is always good for reviewing hardware.


  carver 22:25 18 Jun 2004

Don't even consider the 5200 as a games card it will struggle on any current game, ideally you want something in the fx5900xt range of cards. These will play all the latest games plus it should last you a good 18-24 months, or as byford says go for a 9800 card.

  Kalitechnis 23:12 18 Jun 2004

I'm looking at a recently released Nvidia 6800 (not the Ultra-too expensive). This is cheaper than the Radeon 9800 Pro or XT, but is considerably faster, plus it has all the latest technology. Apparently Nvidia is back on track with these latest series.

Sounds good to me.


  byfordr 23:36 18 Jun 2004

Just needs a nuclear power station to run it ;-)


  Kalitechnis 23:49 18 Jun 2004


that's being considered also..


  byfordr 00:02 19 Jun 2004

Have they released prices yet? The 9800 pro at £130 still seems to be the best performance per pound card.

Hopefully the new nvidia cards won't whine like concord :-(


  Kalitechnis 09:18 19 Jun 2004


I am not sure of the price, but it would be coming with the new power station package...a Holly computer.
This is the only (well-known) company I can find that is using them. They have an amazing range of potential configurations for their systems.

Take a look click here

On their gaming system (Intel P4 Silver/Ivory) click here configuration, the 128 Mb Chaintech Geforce 6800 is £65.86 less than the 256 MB Radeaon 9800Pro , and the 128 Radeon 9800 pro is £81 less. And the Radeon 9800 Pro AiW is £11 more thean the 256 MB version.

If the Nvidia card is really that much better than the 9800 pro, then £16 extra is not much, I reckon, given that you will have the latest graphics technology, while the Radeon will soon be obsolete.


  Kalitechnis 09:21 19 Jun 2004

In their shop the card is £234


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