Is the Advent T9306 a good buy?

  Zebrapec 15:27 26 Nov 2005

Hi, I'm thinking of puchasing the Advent T9306 with 2GB DDR RAM and 360GB SATA Hard Drive with Intel Pen. 4 Pro. 650. Any one know bad things I should know about this computer, please?

  kinger 15:54 26 Nov 2005

I got the T9403 earlier this year and it's a dream machine.

Fastest PC I ever used and very well built and supported.

I admit to changing the wireless mouse and keyboard but that's just my taste.

The fans go nuts once in a while but they're only doing their job, I suppose.


  SG Atlantis 08:40 27 Nov 2005

click here

this one?

Looks good, advent is PCW, currys & dixons own brand.

  subtext 10:35 20 Mar 2006

I've purchased two Advent T9306 computers in the past week, and I'd advise caution only for gameplayers because the system is very unstable when running 3d applications. For example, every game I've thrown at it has resulted in a STOP error and a sudden reboot within anything from a few minutes to a few hours. I've upgraded the sound (C-Media), Motherboard (Intel) and Radeon drivers, and with regards to the latter, the system is slightly more stable because the VPU can now recover from serious errors. But the STOP errors do still occur and sometimes just as catastrophically as before. (The system will occasionally freeze then reboot.)

Not only does the second system exhibit similar behaviour, but when I called PCWorld's technical support, I was asked "what do you expect me to do", when they realised that -- occurring in two systems -- this was an inherent fault. I took one to the store and they replaced it (illogical I know), but of course, it suffers the same problem.

I've decided to buy an NVidia graphics card for the T9306 upon which games are played, but why should I have to do that to a brand new computer purchased within the last seven days? I shouldn't, and I could arguably get a refund. But I'd never find a system with this spec anywhere else at this price, so that is *my* solution.

Crashing games: GTA: VC; GTA: SA; Max Payne 1 & 2; Doom 3. Not tried any others to date. Note: quite old games, so goodness knows how this system would cope with more modern variants which would put more stress on the graphics card.

(Indications from ATI are that the motherboard BIOS needs upgrading to solve this problem, but unfortunately none is forthcoming. Advent/PCWorld don't provide Bios updates, and Phoenix Technologies refer you to the manufacturer. *sigh*)

The Radeon x600 in this machine is a Sapphire model. Bios details:
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 26/07/2005
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Can't figure out the precise motherboard model but it appears to be an Intel 615...something or other.

  dreamer 12:49 20 Mar 2006

Don't know about the machine but if you enter "Currys50" into the promo code box in your basket, you get an extra £50 off!

  Mapoo 16:47 28 Apr 2006

I have had lots of Pc's from Packard Bell which is a JUNK FAULTY PC BRAND... stay away, Ive had Emachines which I loved but Sadly Broken and I could have a Replacement and I decided to have the Advent T9306 I paid extra money alot more and plus took the Business Coverplan out, Im not a Business Customer but Its a better Service. The Advent T9306 I have had this just before Christmas 2005 believe me its a Very fast pc, but make sure you check the Power button when you get yours because my other one was pushin in and wouldnt come back out which caused the pc to not work at all, so I got a Swop :-) but you will love this pc. the Memory is big 2gig and also the Hard drive is gr8 360Gb but with Windows Xp installed on it you get 331gb as Capacity but that is gr8 I've only used 71Gb lol, also I like the Advent because their is no Crap been Installed on it like Packard Bell and other companys install on theirs such as: Google Toolbar, Packard Bell Toolbar or any sort of toolbars, all you get is your Pc Manual as a Icon and your System Recovery Software, Its Reccomendable to put a DVD in the machine and copy the Recovery Programme to one. The only Fault I didn't like about this pc is the DVD-RW machine, it's a SONY which is great but the films if ya copy one, mmm not to good it jumps in places, So I bought my Own "LG" but apart from that this pc is like the other person said "A DREAM" mine was £999.99 when I got mine its only £899 in PCW now :-( but oh well with the cover plan I ended up paying £1,197.99 Alot but oh well nothing else I do apart from Net ;-) Enjoy life I say... anyone wanting the ADVENT T9306 Buy it you will be Pleased... I havnt seen a Bad Review yet of it...

  JoBo25 06:26 25 May 2006

I’ve just bought an Advent T9306 from our local PCWorld, after my previous machine “broke”, well, we did need an excuse to buy a newer and faster machine!

I told the sales asst. I only wanted the base unit, no monitor. List price then just under £1000.00, I came out ½ an hour later with the box, £644.00! Which I think is an excellent price.

The machine is like the proverbial manure off a shovel

The only think I have changed is the sound card, I’ve installed my older SB Live card, as I needed the Sound Fonts to work.

A Great Machine

  Murielson 1 23:19 12 Jul 2006

Thoughts on this recon of the subject PC would be appreciated please:

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  kinger 21:21 24 Jul 2006

I've used Advent since the advent of the brand a few years ago.

The most reliable and trustworthy PC's I've used.

Only annoyance on current model is that the fans run full speed every so often and drive me crazy ... it's as though the thing is about to lift off.

It calms down after a while or a reboot, though.

  gazza38 10:09 25 Jul 2006

I found that the culprit of noise was the CPU fan.Because I wanted a "Zalman CNPS9500 AT" CPU cooler (which is a bit bigger) , decided to change the case aswell.I upgraded the PSU to a Antec neo 550W.I now have a wisper queit Advent PC with 3 internal HDD's and 7800GTX GPU.

  BT 07:51 28 Jul 2006

I agree. I have an Advent T9202 with 1Gb Ram and 2x200gb SATA drives. Excellent machine. The only comment is that they have skimped on the wireless mouse and keyboard. I ask you, a BALL mouse, and the letters are wearing off the keybard!

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