Advent PC Keyboards

  STREETWORK 07:33 24 Jan 2003
  STREETWORK 07:33 24 Jan 2003

Does any 1 have an advent computer where the lettering on the keyboard is fading. I have changed mine for a new one at PC World twice now because of this. Should I demand that an alternative one is given next time at theese keys are fading as well.

PS PC World where very good at giving a new keyboard without a fuss.

  Anonymouse 20:39 24 Jan 2003

My Advent keyboard has had 4 and a half years heavy family use and is like new, no fading at all.

I do clean the crumbs out annually though !

  STREETWORK 21:18 24 Jan 2003

If its any help the model number is 3701

  Rumple 21:30 24 Jan 2003

Do you clean your keyboard, and if so what do you use to clean it? Some cleaners (even furniture polish) can and do sometimes remove the letters printed on the keys after a couple of times cleaning it. Just a thought mind...i could be wrong!

  STREETWORK 21:33 24 Jan 2003

The PC is only 2 months old and the keyboard has only recieved the odd dusting. No polish or anything else used.

  Rumple 21:42 24 Jan 2003

what a strange keyboard!!!! 2 months and fading already. Maybe you have very strong acidic sweaty pores in your fingers! :)
as for going and demanding for a replacemnet or another keyboard i would give it a try and ask them. (nothing ventured nothing gained!) Else, only other possible solution would be to cover the keyboard in those specially made covers like those seen for your remote controls for your tv etc.
thats a thought! How long does the print on your remote controls for your tv etc last for. have they faded yet?
Anyway good luck, someone else (more brainier than me) may be of more help.

  STREETWORK 22:11 26 Jan 2003

I took the second advent keyboard back to PC World to try and get it sorted out. To my surprise they gave me an RF Combo cordless keyboard and mouse and my advent keyboard for a spare. No problems there, but why did the letting fade, PC World also said that they have had one other returned with the same problem, so no acid fingers here...

Thanks all

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