Advent Laptop from Curry's

  homer4god 12:40 19 Nov 2004

What have I done.
I bought a Advent 7062 from the Curry's web site. The spec on the site says it has 512MB DDR ram.
When I recieved the computer it only had 256MB DDR ram.
I phoned Curry's the day I recieved the computer to be told that head office would be in touch within 72 hours.
That was a full week ago and no reply.
So I phoned Curry's Customer Support(what a joke!!)yesterday to be told I should recieve the call that day. No one phoned.
So phoned back today and still waiting on 'head office to get back to me'
I know one thing, the computer is going back, I am not having any more dealings with Curry's, Dixons or PC world again (they are all the same company.

Does anyone have any thoughts on all this.

  woodt 15:47 19 Nov 2004

Just checked their web site and it clearly says 256mb RAM, it does say 512kb cache just above which is a bit naughty as it could catch people out. Is it possible that this happened to you?

  woodt 16:08 19 Nov 2004

Have just had a closer look and although under Key features it says 256mb Ram, under Specification it says 512mb Ram. I would print this page for evidence before they change it, and argue for the 512mb as per the Spec list.

  homer4god 16:56 19 Nov 2004

Already printed the page.
The specification is the main thing that i look at in a computer, not any key features.

If it says 512 MB of RAM that is what I expect it to have.

They have been in touch and offered £30 as compensation.

The computer is going back tomorrow, a letter of complaint is going to be sent and I am going to see what Watchdog say about it.

The service from them has been terrible.

  homer4god 16:59 19 Nov 2004

Also when you compare that laptop with others (using there compare chart) it clearly says 512MB.

It is the same on the Dixons and PC World site.

I think that is enough anger venting for one day!!!!!

  spuds 18:26 19 Nov 2004

Surely if they have offered you compensation, then Curry's have admitted liability.Why not arrange for Curry's or perhaps PCW to fit the missing ram at Curry's expense.

  wee eddie 20:39 21 Nov 2004

There is a legal limit to the number of faulty pixels.

I would guess that your screen was within acceptable parameters. If you check on the threads here you will find the relevant regulations, quoted by the metre.

  steven_frost 21:27 21 Nov 2004

I've had the same problem with a camera that i ordered from them taken them a week longer to delivery it and i was promised phone calls back not a thing i now have the camera but i will never order from currys online again

  luke_garwood 21:41 21 Nov 2004

I am a PC World employee and have been for the last six months. Before working for them i built, programmed and sold pc's for a living. I do admit that the customer service could be improved in certain stores but genrally is quite good with most managers willing to other deals or money off if you are spending a larger amount of money. As for your TFT screen, I do understand that faulty pixels are annoying but it has nothing to do with the retailer. The manufacturers are allowed in general 8-10 faulty pixels on a screen before it is classed as faulty. this is due to the difficulty of manufacturing the product. We do try and do as much as we can for customers with this problem but because the manufacturer doesnt deem the product faulty we as a retailer cannot send it back as faulty, which will usually result in us having to sell the product as pre-owned at a reduced cost and profit. I suggest in future you check up on things before hassleing the sales staff, or you could just spend more money and get a better screen in the first place as im sure you settled for a budget priced low end model!!!!!!

  smy13 22:36 22 Nov 2004

Having been in retail for 20 years I feel I'm able to comment on customer service. Maybe my rant did not explain my postion clearly enough. Having researched the Pixel issue with the manufacturer I know you’re right on this Luke. However If some one promises to phone a customer, common courtesy says they should follow this through, Secondly why when you look round a showroom do you never see a screen with any pixels out and why can't the company make the standard clear on POS so the buying public can be better informed . As for a low end system, was advised the system I bought was compatible with my needs and budget ( which in no way was low end), so if it's a low end model for the money I paid may be I was advised wrong. Could it be training as well as service that needs to be reviewed? Or maybe people are more interested in selling warranties?

  Border View 23:55 25 Nov 2004

Did you get your RAM problem sorted with Currys?

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