Advent, Compaq or Zoostorm - any thoughts welcome?

  sjm_411 10:17 10 Jan 2006

I am looking to change my desktop pc as it is now 3yrs old and keen on a new one for gaming, internet, copying etc which would last me a few years. My budget is max £700 and appreciate any thoughts on the following:

Advent T9106
click here

Compaq SR1629
click here

Zoostorm 6-4401
click here

I have tried searching the forum already for reviews without success. So would welcome any advice.

Many thanks in advance.

  daisy2bell 14:08 10 Jan 2006

I've had a compaq from new for one year with more or less the same spec as your link.
All I can say is that I am very happy with it (touch wood)

  reklan 14:37 10 Jan 2006

After looking at the specs, I personally would get the one from Zoostorm, if Gaming is the main reason.

The price is the cheapest and you get a better setup for gaming... Although compared to the Compaq (whos build quality are usually second to none), you only have half the RAM 512 compared to 1024 (this can be upgraded for about £50), the ZooStor also has the smaller of the 3 harddrive, but again it abour £30 to add another, the main thing is that the ZooStorm comes with an 128meg PCI Express - Nvidia 6800XT graphics card, which I think is the best graphics card you can get for gaming that costs less than £200. The Compaqs Ati X300SE while iot will play alot of 3d games in low detail, and the 6200 is good, its still not as good as the 6800XT.

The Advent Pc is a very close second, this is a better allround machine, with a bigger moniotr and TV tuner.

So if its ultimate gaming go Zoostorm, or if its a good alround entertainment machine get the Advent.

  SG Atlantis® 17:02 10 Jan 2006

I have this one with a 19inch panel and it's superb

click here

I vouch for compaq.

  rmcqua 16:00 11 Jan 2006

Yes but sjm_411 has a budget of £700 !

  sjm_411 17:32 12 Jan 2006

Many thanks for taking the time to reply, really good advice on these 3 PCs.

Are there any other recommended PCs for my budget and requirements which I may have missed?

Thanks again, it's much appreciated.

  sype 19:48 12 Jan 2006

I have a advent t9401 and its now way near as fast as the specs would suggest. benchmarking shows it runs about half as fast as similar spec computers. i had my comp checked to see if there was a problem but it is fine, just slow. i also have a advent laptop which overheats and cuts out if i try and run a virus scan or try and do anything demanding. i vowed never to buy an advent computer again. i think the specs look good for the money but they must use cheap components.

  ade.h 20:13 12 Jan 2006

It's important when looking at a product which seems exceptionally good value to look closely at all the finer points of the specification. You'd be surprised what shortcomings you might find tucked away.

The Compaqs look good these days.

  rdave13 19:11 13 Jan 2006

I've just ordered the Zoostorm 6-4401 from Pcnextday.£659 with delivery.Should arrive next friday.Fingers crossed.

  rdave13 19:25 13 Jan 2006

PS.Had an email off PCnextday stating that I can upgrade parts of the pc without invalidating the warranty so long as no damage has occured in the process.

  Joe R 19:25 13 Jan 2006


A review here. click here

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