Advent 7102 Laptop

  siouxah1 08:17 13 Apr 2006

I am in the market for a new laptop. Does anyone have any views on the above laptop from PC World?
Views good or bad welcome. My budget by the way is £500 maximum.


  flyingbrit 21:06 13 Apr 2006

I've just bought one today from pcworld £499.99. I've been fiddling about with it for 4/5 hours this afternoon, and I must say so far everything is hunky dorey exept for the battery life,ie about an hour and three quarters,(this being my first foray into laptops I don't know if that's good or bad) however it doesn't particulally bother me, but it might you. I'm chuffed with it at the moment though, very fast with the 1024 ram and 3000+ semperon. I have been editing photos with Corel Photo Paint and Adobe Photo Shop and it's as fast as anything I've used before. Out of curiosity I installed Unreal Tournament GOTYE(agreed an old game) but it runs that no worries,(no good on newer titles though, so don't think it's a gamer machine) To sum up, look at it seriously, it is a great spec for the price, you could do a lot worse.....britsdad

  siouxah1 21:25 13 Apr 2006

flyingbrit. Snap! I did in fact buy one this very day also. I could not wait any longer.(Just like Christmas)
I would say that you have summed it up very well. I am pleased with it.
One problem did arise, I wonder if you have any ideas.
Have you yet used the "Recovery Media Creator" to produce a set of recovery CDs?
I did try and found that the application reports that it cannot find the recovery partition or recovery CD.
Do you have more than one partition on the HDD? I have one only reported as 37. something Gb in size. Is this the same as your HDD?
Must say I started it up and switched on the wireless LAN to find that it connected straight away to my LAN and the internet.
Suspect I will have to go and have a word with them to see where I have gone wrong.
Thanks Brian

  flyingbrit 15:40 14 Apr 2006

Yea Brian I have the same message when I try to create the discs, stange that, I am going to have a word with pcworld about it I'll let you know when I find anything out....John

  siouxah1 19:31 14 Apr 2006

Thanks for your answer John, I thought it might
be me having finger trouble.
I will wait for your answer from PC World before taking action.
However I'm not too worried as I have another XP system disc that I can use with this Product code. So should not be too much of a problem.
Having said that the recovery system for this machine should work. Especially for someone without access to other solutions.
I still like the machine though!
Regards Brian

  Totally-braindead 20:34 14 Apr 2006

flying brit according to PCA magazine, the laptops they have in their top 10 have battery life from 96 minutes up to 301 minutes (the 301 seems to be an exception as none of the others are even close). Typical battery life appears to be about 2 hours so yours is probably normal.

  RicScott 20:59 14 Apr 2006

siouxah1..You should have 2 partitions on the HDD. One a recovery partition and the other the user partition. Do not use the recovery media creator use this way..
click here={5e127bf8-bd09-43a7-bff4-04a27e5a2099}

The reason being is that the recovery media creator deletes the iso on the hdd once created. This way copies the iso and you have the option to leave it there on the HDD once the process is complete.

Keep this in mind for the future in case you need to make more than one backup.

Also, and most important, the recovery media creator doesn't always work properly. It was a piece of Software that was rushed out for the version 4 recovery machines. PCSC are, at the moment having trouble getting hold of recovery CDs to send out in these cases. The demand is higher than the supply.. This also applies to Advent desktops, Philips MT and LS ranges and any other machine that uses the F10 recovery method.
Choosing to keep the iso on the HDD is a good thing. Yes you lose about 5% of your HDD space, but if you get a virus and cannot start the recovery via F10, you always have a backup on CD, which will put the iso back onto the HDD during the recovery... <:o)

Have fun with the lappy...

  RicScott 21:04 14 Apr 2006

PCServicecall have put session IDs on their site now..!!

Better way... goto click here

type: recovery media creator into the search,
Press [GO] -
Click on: How to create a version 4 recovery disk without using Recovery Media Creator

That is the article...<:o)

  siouxah1 22:07 14 Apr 2006

thank you for your reply. I will investigate your write up and will report on result.
I am sure flyingbrit will interested in this also.

  siouxah1 22:15 14 Apr 2006


Thank you for the battery info. It would seem to me that manufacturers are not making huge claims for their battery life anymore.

The laptops in the price range that I am interested in seem to give the battery life of approximately 1.5 hours depending on the mode of use.

Some larger capacity batteries are quoted longer lasting, but of course cost more.

Fortunately my use for the laptop is as a mobile within the home LAN for access to the internet. So battery life is not so much of an issue for me.


  flyingbrit 14:59 15 Apr 2006

Thanks to all contributors. I have just come in from pcworld, and it seems that all the 7102's are the same(we tied 4 in shop) ie there is no partition on the hdd for recovery cd creation. This is a problem they didn't know about, the Rotherham branch has 28 in stock and 7 sold!(ooopppsss). Brian take your laptop and receipt back to shop, after they rang tech support they told me to wait for a phone call, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday (lol) for a solution, could be that they will post recovery discs to you......ongoing saga....John
ps not sure if F.E. shold be informed.

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