Advent 5411 review please

  Mary_S 11:43 08 Oct 2008

Dear All,

I am considering buying the following laptop (Advent 5411) ...

click here

and just wanted peoples views on it , in particular anyone who have purchased it themselves. I've found a couple of reviews online but would like to know of more.
I know the graphics card is a a bit ordinary and the processor could be a bit better , but I have no intention of playing games on the laptop.
I just want a inexpensive laptop that i can use to access the internet as my desktop has spy ware which is slowing down my web browsing (not entire internet).
So i don't want nothing fancy as i have a desktop already , I just want a laptop which i can use to go online , and do some studying on (running oracle database 11g).
I like it because it has 4GB of memory as I want to minimize the potential of vista crashing on me, HDD space is large enough. If anyone knows whether its a multi-format dvd drive or not ? So yeah , your thoughts please ??


  Dizzy Bob 12:47 08 Oct 2008

click here={a635ba21-88f5-4de2-bc86-934c2f576667}&CatID={ab954057-265e-4d0a-9b89-2f58a94398e2}

the dvd is a multi format r/rw

the rest of the spec looks fine.

Advent is DSG's own brand (Currys / PCW), nothing wrong with that, but some people prefer a 'brand name'

personally, i look more at what is inside, than the badge on the outside!

the link should take you to the product guide on the Tech Guys website, but it might use session id

click here and then product guides / laptops /advent / 5xxx series etc



  Mary_S 13:03 08 Oct 2008

Hey Bob,

Thanks for your responce, much appreciated!!
Took a look at the techguys site which does provide more ionformation. However, they have different speeds for their processors , on techguys it says 2ghz and standard website it says 1.83 hmmm.
I would prefer to buy a brand name , but I guess im going to pay about £600 then for same sort of features. Then again, even brands like Sony and Toshiba , as far as im aware they dont make computer componets , they buy it and put it together and put their 'badge' on it.

  Dizzy Bob 13:09 08 Oct 2008

if u go and look at the machine in store (which i guess youre doing rather than online) look at the demo on the screen, in the bottom right should be a spec list including the processer speed taken from the machine architecture.

If not, ask one of the advisors to check it with a tech stick.

That should at least reassure you about that either way.

Although realistically its not going to make any difference for what you have said you want to do with it!!


  Mary_S 13:11 08 Oct 2008

Hey Bob,
Thanks for the tip, will sure do that. Have u bought any Advent products yourself?

  Dizzy Bob 13:16 08 Oct 2008

No, Sony fanboy!!!

but to fess up, i work for PCW, so hopefully have a bit of an idea!

btw, just in case, ill point out that i use this forum in a personal capacity, not an official one!


  Mary_S 13:24 08 Oct 2008


I might get it over the weekend. Let me know if you hear anything rubbish about it at work.

  danbrazier 18:29 20 Oct 2008

Fellow PC World employee here - if you're going to ask an advisor for a demo with a techstick, or you're wishing to look at the demo - you'll have to venture in to your nearest PC World.

Currys don't do very good hardware demos, and they don't equip their staff with tech sticks.

Advent are statistically one of PC Worlds least returned brands - meaning more reliable.

I'd say they're pretty good laptops - my partner has one that was 2 or 3 generations ago, really rock solid - never had any problems.

  curofone 23:45 20 Oct 2008

I have to say that I disagree with danbrazier, advents are cheap for a reason, they are generally made with cheaper components than branded machines apart from things like the processor witch will almost certainly be Intel. I know plenty of people that work in the techguy call centre that do the support for pcw and I can promise you that almost all of the calls are about advent machine, this is one because I would think that the majority of the machines pcw are advents but secondly because they break down a lot. The other reason why I would stay clear of advent is because if you want a warranty after the first year then you are stuck with the one pcw sells which if you read has some interesting term like the fact they can take up to 6 weeks to fix your machine but if you buy a branded one then you can go straight to the manufacturer and get their support deals which are normally a lot cheaper and a better service.

If I was you I would stick to the branded machine and my own personal preference are Sony, Hp and Toshiba. Also if you take a look at the comet website you will see they have those brands and a similar price but with a slightly lower spec but if you wanted to upgrade things like your RAM to 4gb you could easily buy an extra 2gb ram stick and put it in and would probably cost you an extra £20 (I know that’s what my ram stick cost and game with a life time warranty).

  Mary_S 23:52 20 Oct 2008

Hey ppl,
Thought i give my feedback on the advent 5411. Last week i did buy it, brought it home, took it back, got a new one , and took it back again.
My c drive got corrupted in two days of me using it, got no idea how. Vista said i should run a disk check but the machine just skipped it on reboot.
Took it back got it exchange , first thing i did with new one was check to see if it did a disk check and again, it skipped it. So took it back and got my money back. Im guessing Advent 5411 has this problem on all their laptops, but i bet PCW wont recall them. They probs hope to get rid of them, and hope that no one notices it untill after the warranty fininshes!!
But then it might just be im unlucky, i dnt have much luck when i buy expenisve products. BUt i would urge ppl to think twice when buying an advent model especially the 5411 laptop.

  curofone 00:28 21 Oct 2008

I am glad you have completly backed up what i said, like i said before advents are cheap for a reason and like everything in this world you get what you pay for.

I am not a huge fan of sony as a company but i would def by one of their laptop just becuase i know what good service they offer when one goes wrong and I think HP make the best laptops so like i said before i would stick with them and possible toshiba.

and again like i said before check out the comet website for some pretty resonable priced machines.

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