barryhodges 18:44 16 Nov 2008

I am considering the Advent 5511 Laptop. It states on the details in the shop that is has 250mb of dedicated graphics memory, but that isn't reflected anywhere else in the spec. Can anyone confirm? It is needed for downloading and playing big fish games mainly, plus strategy games, but not the heavyweight pc stuff.

  barryhodges 18:44 16 Nov 2008

sorry - this should be Advent 5511

  Kevscar1 19:50 16 Nov 2008

From the PC Advisor review
click here

Without a dedicated graphics card, the Advent 5511 suffered the usual score of around 5 frames per second (fps) on the FEAR gaming test at benchmark maximum settings. To get a usable framerate, we turned graphics quality to Low, whereby the Advent 5511 acheived an eminently usable 57fps. For unknown reasons the WorldBench 6 test refused to complete, but the Windows Experience Index rated the Advent 5511 as 3.1 overall, brought down by its 3.1 gaming graphics score. Processor, memory and hard disk score were all nudging 5 points here, a respectable score.

  barryhodges 20:43 16 Nov 2008

Many thanks, Kevscar - can you suggest a better machine for the money? It seems to have a very good processor?

  Kevscar1 06:37 17 Nov 2008

sorry mate I have never looked at laptops and would never want one not enough bang for your buck compared to desktops.

  danbrazier 21:37 21 Nov 2008

I'm assuming you're looking at PC World.

Leading spec'ed deals at or around the £400 price point (which is what the 5511 is at roughly, I believe) are:

- Toshiba l300-13s
- Acer 5735
- Compaq CQ60-114

Hope that helps a tad? I've got a feeling the 5511's are going to be end of line, or at least very hard to get hold of.

  cxx-chris 12:45 22 Nov 2008

Do yourself a favour don't but an Advent had a 7111 and had 2 motherboards go in 18 month's not impressed now got a Toshiba lot better.

  barryhodges 14:22 25 Nov 2008

Many thanks. since posting this thread I have seen a fujitsu Amilo PI-2540 which has a seperate graphics card at £430 - looks to be the one i need. Thanks for all the replies

  curofone 14:24 25 Nov 2008

We use to call fujitsu fu-shit-su and not becuase they that was ironic

  curofone 14:40 25 Nov 2008

oh by the way just checked out the spec of that fujitsu, save yourself £30 and get a better brand click here and the graphics might be dedicated on this but they are the worst of the dedicated and really no better than some good onboard graphics plus onboard tend to be more reliable.

click here to see a comparison of laptop graphics

  barryhodges 16:47 25 Nov 2008

Interesting you should say that, because a friend of mine had already recommended this one, but i was concerned about the lack of a seprate graphics card. I am in retail myself and am well aware that you gret what you pay for, but laptops are a nightmare!!So you are saying that this is overall a better machine and the processor is ok? How does the processor compare with the Athlon machine, bearing in mind the prefix "P"? Really appreciate your advice on here guys

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