Advanced windows care Pro V2 (Free!!)

  wolfie3000 09:10 04 Jun 2007

Time limited offer so hurry.

click here

  rezeeg 10:05 04 Jun 2007

Thanks wolfie3000 downloaded, but there seems to be a 'free' version and a 'paid for' version.

  royalflush 10:13 04 Jun 2007

not much is free on the net so all i can imagine is this program is free BUT there is a timetrial attatched to the setup...

  rezeeg 10:20 04 Jun 2007

The 'Personal' version is free but the 'Pro' version is pay after time trial.

  royalflush 10:25 04 Jun 2007

ALSO ive just downloaded the trail version & i let it scan my pc & all the other things it stated it did when it finished all the scans it asked me what i wanted to do the options was "scan or fix problems" err ok think ill press on "Fix problems"as its already scanned my pc & when i perssed on "Fix it" guess what.....a screen opens up stating that you cannot fix the problems with the free/trail version..OMG whats the point then in offering a free program if its NOT free......DONT DOWNLOAD THIS its a lie...!!!

  royalflush 10:47 04 Jun 2007

wolfie3000 sorry thats not having a dig at you there,it was nice of you to create this thread, it was down to the company offering the product to "Follow Through" what there offering & they simply didnt..!!

thanks for the thought though

  Totally-braindead 11:03 04 Jun 2007

Puts me right off any product that does this. A free trial is fair enough but just finding a problem and refusing to fix it unless you lay out some cash just makes me feel its a sort of blackmail. Bit strong perhaps using the word blackmail but its the way I feel about it and any product that uses this sort of marketing tactic I just wouldn't buy.

  rezeeg 11:10 04 Jun 2007

royalflush download the free Personal version - it works OK. Only drawback as far as I can see is that it has to be manually updated.

  Pamy 11:16 04 Jun 2007

I have just downloades the FREE Pro version. You have to activate it before use. Scanned my computer and fixed many probs it said and all is well

  royalflush 11:58 04 Jun 2007


will do :-)

  Jimmy14 12:13 04 Jun 2007

I ran it on my machine about a year ago and it created problems instead of solving them. Now with vista and wouldn't put it near it.

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