ADSL filters

  Jameslayer 18:52 30 Mar 2011

Hi was on internet today and both times I received a phone call it disconnected me. Does this mean I need new adsl filters. Have been having problems due to noise on the line but that's out of my control.

One of the things they had me do was swop the adsl filter over for a different one. I had a look at maplins and Amazon and their seems to be massive variances in price.

I have one BT socket in the house which is in the master bedroom so I have to run a extension cord from their downstairs to the living room. Were I have recently moved the computer. Also the only telephone is downstairs connected to the same adsl filter as the modem. Is that the correct placement of the adsl filter?

What is the wire that connects the adsl filter to the modem please? As its currently 10 minutes long as it used to run from the socket to my bedroom.

Being ill is expensive.

  961 19:16 30 Mar 2011

You need an ADSL filter on everything connected to the BT master socket except the modem

Additionally the modem must have a cable of its own. If there is a telephone connected via the same cable you will get the modem disconnected when the phone rings

ADSL filters do wear out and there are many different qualities which is part of the reason why prices vary.

But the best way to avoid trouble is to buy a faceplate for the master socket which has two sockets. One for your modem, and one for everything else. This will isolate the modem from all the house telephone wiring and solve any potential problems. It also makes the use of ADSL filters unnecessary

  Jameslayer 20:06 30 Mar 2011

So I cant run the same extension lead for the phone and modem even iof its connected by adsl filter.

  Jameslayer 20:07 30 Mar 2011

I dont fancy taking the socket aprt to change the faceplate. Guess I will need to get a longer lead.

  ronalddonald 21:26 30 Mar 2011

try using a cat 5e or cat6 Ethernet cable

  ronalddonald 21:28 30 Mar 2011
  Jameslayer 21:37 30 Mar 2011

Hmmm the one i used to use for my bedroom I am hoping that is long enough.

  Jameslayer 21:40 30 Mar 2011

Just got off the phone to the ISP and they think their may be a fault with the be box. So they are sending me out a new one should be here friday/saturday.

  AroundAgain 21:49 30 Mar 2011

Just as a point of intereset, I have an extension lead from the main socket, then the ADSL filter, then Router and Phone cables from that. All seems to work fine.

  Jameslayer 21:55 30 Mar 2011

Thats sounds like mine.

Socket-ext lead-adsl filter-Modem wire-modem-pc

  onthelimit1 08:54 31 Mar 2011

No reason a long extension won't work, it's just the quality of the cable/connections may affect the speed of the broadband. No reason why using a phone should cause the BB to disconnect, other than a duff filter.

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