ADSL Coverage Increase to 6km from 5.5km

  Strangely Brown 16:43 30 Apr 2003

BT are saying that this will increase coverage for users of ADSL enabled exchanges to 97%

Does anyone know what the coverage at these exchanges based on the 5.5km limit is.

As someone who currently suffers from being more than 5.5km from the exchange, I am interested in knowing whether or not I am likely to be covered by the improvement.

I find it difficult to believe that increasing the distance radius by 500m would have such an impact!

Also what bandwidth are we likely to get.

  crx1600 17:04 30 Apr 2003

although it sounds less than a 10% increase in radius,its nearly 20% increase in area.

the 500m increase is 18 square KM per exchange.

  powerless 20:59 30 Apr 2003

"Also what bandwidth are we likely to get."

The same your getting now.


  Strangely Brown 10:11 01 May 2003

crx1600 - Sounds much bigger when you say it like that!!

Powerless - I was under the impression that the further you were from the exchange, the higher the chances of experiencing reduced bandwidth due to additional noise etc on the line? Is this a misconception on my part?

  bambam005 00:53 04 May 2003

"Also what bandwidth are we likely to get."

If you are any more than 3.5km from the exchange you are likely to get 512kbps and no more

  bambam005 00:56 04 May 2003

and you will be at the same 50:1 contention ratio

  powerless 01:40 04 May 2003

It would be like saying:

If you live within 1KM of the exchange you get 512Kbps.

If you live within 2KM of the exchange you get 256Kbps.

If you live within 3KM of the exchange you get 128Kbps.

...and so on.

If you live at the 5.5KM then you will get the same service as a person who lives at 1KM from the exchange.

Problems expereinced will be down to the quality of the line. Settings on the computer will also play a part...

The contention Ratio business is not a factor yet(but when will it be?) Unles there's another 49 people who have BB where you are - Then you are unlucky.

  bambam005 22:08 05 May 2003

is the amount of people who have/want btbroadband in your area as there are areas all over britain where the demand is higher ( sorry , you are probably very aware of this ) and therefore their exchanges are ADSL enabled more quickly .

check click here , and click on the map to see how many people have signed up for BB in your area . How far are you from the exchange ?

  Strangely Brown 08:27 06 May 2003


All I know at the moment is that I'm over 5.5km away from the exchange. I have no idea at the moment if I will be able to ge the new extended service.

The exchange has already been enabled, it's purely a distance issue now!

Thanks to all for your feedback thus far

  Jomi 10:38 06 May 2003

The best thing to do is contact your service provider and order broadband, your order will be subject to successful line checks anyway, so if the line is poor they won't hold you to the order.
Most service providers offer broadband at speeds of UP TO 512kbps, so if that isn't going to be possible, then it can't be sold on those terms.

  bambam005 23:47 06 May 2003

contact the ISP , they are the only ones who will give you the straightforward answer and are liable to be held to their own terms and conditions .

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