ADSL Broadband - dreadful!

  merciarich 20:38 21 Mar 2008

Hey there guys

Have just moved house and am having difficulty in getting a reasonable speed internet connection supplied to my property.

Am 2km approx from the town exchange, I know this affects the speed but after doing a speed test via BT's website (test provided by BT Wholesale), they quote that I wont be able to get a speed over 512kb/per sec

In the age where o2 provide 24mb/per sec and Virgin trialing 50mb/per sec, why do I have to put up with such a disappointing speed?

Anyone with any ideas with what I can do?

I have just set the BT Line up, has been activated now for 48 hours and has no faults.

I would like a good speed, would settle for 3/4mb per sec

Any suggestions welcome, thanks guys

  Clapton is God 21:00 21 Mar 2008

"why do I have to put up with such a disappointing speed?"

Because, as BT have said, their exchange is only enabled for up to 512 kbps.

"Anyone with any ideas with what I can do?"

Move to a cable provider.

  harps1h 21:23 21 Mar 2008

"Because, as BT have said, their exchange is only enabled for up to 512 kbps"

what BT said was he was only capable of getting 512, that is not to say that the exchange can only offer that speed.

to see what your exchange is enabled for go to click here

there you will get all the info you need.

a lot of the time the line does not run as the crow flies, so although you are only 2km away from the exchange, the line length maybe for instance 6 km.

there is another way to check your speed, go to click here there you will find other providors where you will be able to test what they can offer you as a speed. it maybe the same or maybe faster.

to give an example, i was with tiscali and on an 8mb connection i was getting 0.10-0.5 mb speed (i live 60 seconds from the exchange), changed providor and jumped directly up to nearly 8mb.

see how it goes

  merciarich 23:23 22 Mar 2008


Many thanks for the useful reply. I have already used the SamKnows link but will take a look at the second link.

Clapton is god: Would have gone to Cable but unfortunately Virgin dont seem to want to cable new build estates.......

  harps1h 10:08 23 Mar 2008

i should just add that tiscali also promised the same speeds but could not deliver due to their bandwidth being highly contended. the company i use although more expensive are rock solid and are listed 3rd in the list at the link i provided. the added advantage of having a rolling monthly contract and an england based helpline sold them to me and have had no regrets so far.

  Arnie 14:14 24 Mar 2008

Is this the link you intended to show?

click here

  harps1h 19:16 24 Mar 2008


  jarani 22:45 24 Mar 2008


  Arnie 01:05 25 Mar 2008

A good site, thanks.

  ronalddonald 06:27 03 Jun 2008

cancel your provider with ADSLand use 3 mobile you can get 3.6Mbs. click here

  harps1h 23:28 03 Jun 2008

how can you be so sure? i wouldn't make a rash promise such as that!

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