ADSL Broadband

  expertec 12:44 28 May 2003

Currently i'm using Telewest Bueyonder and i'm very happy with them, but soon i may be moving house to a non-cable area. What I want to know is:

Are Freeserve any good? If not can you reccomend a good ISP?

Will i be able to access my blueyonder email account from ADSL connection, or will i just have to change e-mail address?

  acemark 14:13 28 May 2003

Hi, I've been using adsl for about a year now, my isp is zen internet. I had a hardware fault when I took out the account but since sorting that have had no problems at all (apart from some odd experiences while playing multiplayer games online, but i think thats normal, or is it???) Anyway, I'm quite happy with adsl. A friend of mine uses freeserve dial up and he's often complaining of being cut off/punted from games, but, that's not necessarilly (spelling??) down to freeserve (he's convinced it's freeserves fault, of course)

  1514 14:22 28 May 2003

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You could go and have a look at "Claranet" I must admit that I have only just gone to them but thay seem pretty good. You only get, I think, 120hours per month for £14 with ten on a modem. As I do a lot more than 120hrs, I have gone for the expensive one, any amount of time and five on a modem.

  DJ Si 19:53 28 May 2003

I use freeserve dial up - not great! Looking for a better dial-up presently. I've heard Virgin net are good. See my question in consumer area.

  expertec 09:04 29 May 2003

I'm not interested in dial-up, I wanted suggestions of broadband ISPs, please

  Mogga 09:30 29 May 2003

I've got Freeserve Broadband and it works v well. Had a few problems setting up (and contacting Freeserve by telephone is a nightmare).

Although I am supposed to be able to use Internet and telephone at the same time, incoming telephone calls sometimes cut my broadband connection - it may be that my wiring is a mess though.

I have noticed a that download times deteriorate at peak times, which is something I wasn't expecting but don't know if that is common to broadband or just Freeserve.

The green modem is hideous!

  anchor 09:55 29 May 2003

Have a look at this thread. Pipex were the winners.

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  NICK ADSL UK 12:13 29 May 2003

BROADBAND AT IT"S BEST i would not recommend that you compromise on the importance of broadband

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  jediknight007 13:23 29 May 2003

£18.99 for the basic 512k broadband or £21.99 for the same but with support for p2p sharing, unlimited e-mail addresses and 250MB webspace. click here Check out click here for prices on most ISPs available and also check out Force9, part of Plusnet who I heard are also good. Man, this is the 2nd time I have had to type the same answer now in 5 minutes. I would suggest using the search first next time because there are like 5 new 'broadband' queries every day and they basically ask the same question.

  expertec 13:24 31 May 2003

Is Alcatel Speedtouch 330 modem any good, anybody have problems with it? (I'm running Window$ ME, BTW)

  Aletank 20:13 31 May 2003

I've just been in the same situation of moving house to a non cable area. I finished up going with Pipex due to the good reports,my Bros's been with them for 12 months and had great service, They have a half price connection offer on at the mo, your third month is FREE,My Bro gets a month FREE for recommendin me.
I wasn't too sure o nthe set up so i phoned there tech support and it was answered INSTANTLY and sorted just as quick.On that note before you sign up with a ISP just give there tech support line a call and see how long it is before they answer your call(just hang up then)
Blueyonder cancelled my E-mail instantly, I was hoping i would still be able to collect my E-mails but it was cancelled, other dial up ISP's i nthe past, there E-mail accounts have never been cut off after I've left.
GOOD LUCK ANYWAY and PIPEX has been great up to now for me!!

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