Adobe Premiere Elements 2 vs Pinnacle Studio ?

  The Aardvark 22:57 08 Nov 2005

I've been using my new video camera for a couple of months and I've now started editing and creating my movies.

I've been using Pinnacle Studio v9, but the program frequently 'hangs' during the rendering stage (an issue covered at length in these forums and in other discussion areas).

So, I'm thinking of investing in Premiere Elements 2 from Adobe as it seems to offer the same amount of options, transitions, ease of use etc etc but without the annoying problems.

Can anyone with experience of either of these programs let me know if Elements is worth buying, whether it has any problems with the rendering process etc.


It is very difficult to say what is best as opinions will differ greatly.

I have been lucky enough to use the Adobe Premiere range from version 4 up to Premiere Pro 1.5. I have also been fortunate enough to use Vegas 5 and 6. Both the full versions of Premier and Sony Vegas are excellent but pricy. They also take a bit of getting your head round if you are not familiar with video editing.

I did try Pinnacle (full blown DVD version) and did not like it. It did work and it did produce a DVD at the end but I found it confusing. But to be fair, it was probably more down to what I was used to doing rather than the product.

next door neighbour wanted to get into video editing and DVD creation. Never used a computer before in his life. He bought a Dell 9100 and bought Adobe Premiere elements V1 on my recommendation. He is up and running with a little help. But Elements is very good. Quality is good. Menus are restrictive, but I believe V2 has sorted this. Dolby stereo sound too.


  vinnyT 12:16 11 Nov 2005

Sony Vegas is now available as a slightly cut down version, the Sony Vegas Studio 6. Info from click here

From the review, it got a 9/10, it's what I'll be trying when I get around to editing (and boring my relatives, bonus).

The price, from the mag, is $90 (around £50), so it stacks up well against its main competition.

Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 12:19 11 Nov 2005

Sorry, here's the direct page to it

click here

You also get dvd authoring tools.

  David4637 13:04 11 Nov 2005

I use Studio V943 it is fairly reliable most of the time, but with occassional crashes on XP. You should use the uprated version I quoted above. David

  €dstowe 13:38 11 Nov 2005

You could do worse than try WinDVD 7. This is available as a two week free trial (full version) and buy at $50.

Easy to use and should provide all that the amateur and small pro requires.

  €dstowe 13:38 11 Nov 2005

Forgto to put the link in click here

  €dstowe 13:45 11 Nov 2005

Sorry, wrong link and wrong number. Here's the one I meant: click here

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